Splinterlands battle challenge: The Ruthless Legionnaire alvar Of the Elite fighting force

Hello Splinter nerds

The new gladius tournament that requires identity verification is actually fun to play, i realized splinterlands also added the old promo cards as bonus for players to use because i was surprised to see the likes of shin lo and royal dragon archer during the tournament....

Some players could not play it as they don't want to give our their personal info but all good, i guess we all have something we are protecting but for those who did, i bet they are having fun as the gladius level is the same as the tournament league so no worries even if you don't have levelled up gladius, the gladius and promo cards come as a bonus from sl....


This week splinterlands battle challenge is about LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR, a strong neutral card with some killer stats, it has 4 unique abilities which are the void armor that does not allow magic attack to penetrate his armor, giant killer any monster that is 10 mana or above suffers double damage from him, demoralize reduces the strength of melee monster by 1 and lastly is the deathblow you don't want alvar to hit your monster if it is only one you have got left on the battle ground because that attack is always brutal!

Amidst all the kick ass ability possess by this monster, i rarely use it in battle except for one rule that state melee can attack from any position and the main purpose for using it is for his Demoralize ability...

I love to render the opponent powerless in battle like that by using 3 to 4 monsters with the demoralize ability, that way the opponent magic will be very weak and won't be able to do fatal damage to my monsters...

Here is a good example of such battle...

battle link

In this battle i used three monsters with the demoralize ability, the opponent was also thinking like me as he came up with two monsters with same ability....

I was expecting that so i made sure to use the vigilator with a combo or range and melee power, so incase my melee is weak then his range power will help to eliminate the opponent monster and it is was just as i predicted...

Chain Golem


The chain golem was my tank and the main reason was because he possess the shield ability, i have weakened the opponent melee attack so their hit on the golem will have little or no effect on it at all except they come up with other negative stats like poison, affliction and shatter....

Carnage Titan


This is a badass attacker as it has the double strike ability so monsters do suffer great damage from its attack, plus it has a shield as well so it serve as a supporting tank, when the golem is eliminated, it will take his position and lead the team to victory but it was a flawless victory and it never had to replace the tank....

Deep Lurker


Didn't even realize this monster is a fish until i read the lore lol, and it is one of my favorite monsters, that is not a surprise though because i love all monsters with the opportunity and poison ability and this monster possess those two abilities! If the opponent weakens my melee monsters, the deep lurker will still be relevant due to his poison ability and that can be very helpful to disorganize the opponent team, it also has the demoralize ability which means its existence is a threat to the opponent melee attackers...

The Vigilator


Is that a scorpion? lol i think i really need to check out the lore of more monsters, the invigilar has always been one of my most used cards in only melee can be used ruleset, and yea it has poison and double strike ability which makes it attack fatal!... i was able to defeat the opponent tank with its help...



The disintegrator is the second to the last monster on my team and his main purpose is to reduce the opponent melee power which works effectively...

Last but not the least is the Legionnaire alvar and he was also used for the same reason as the disintegrator, both used to weaken the opponent melee attack!

It was a flawless victory as none of my monsters died in the battle.....

if you want to be a part of this week splinterlands battle challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and ingame

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