Splinterlands battle challenge using Djinn Inferni the eldest of the ancient wardens of fire

Hello splinter nerds

Djinn Inferni.png

This week splinterlands battle challenge is about DJINN INFERNI a fire splinter epic chaos monster blessed with the power of magic...

It is one of my most used monster in the fire splinter especially when i am using the Jacek summoner both summoner and monster complete each other, while the jacek possess the scatter shot ability, the djinn have high melee power that can be used to disorganize the opponent rear line up...

You can always expect it in my set up when it is a high mana battle rule set as it also helps in defeating giant monsters easily as he possess the giant killer ability which is disastrous to any monster with 10 mana or above....


Just two abilities but it is as deadly as a viper!

The 5 magic power can be utilized to the max during battles, just use it with jacek and hope it doesn't attack the opponent monsters with magic reflect as that could cut his life short untimely....


I got this two rules in one of my battle...

Back to basics and + Fire & regret

If it was just the back to basics rule in which monster lose all their abilities, i could have just come up with either the fire splinter using Yodin zaku or the water splinter using Valnamor


The second rule fire & regret which means all range attackers suffer damages with every attack they do cancelled yodin zaku from the game and the only option now is to come with magic monsters which are not affected by the rule set....

The opponent came up with `lux vegawhich doesn't fit in the rule set but he used it with the combo of the water splinter, i wonder what he was thinking going forlux`` when it is obvious i won't be using range attackers...

battle link

I used the jacek and some highly powered up magic attack in the fire splinter, my main target is to eradicate his rear monsters since i know he will be using a monster with plenty health as tank which i predicted right and his second monster was also full of health


In terms of speed

I have more monsters with speed than him,most of my monsters are likely to attack first, even though we both used monsters with high speed but the summoner we used also matters, my summoner added 2 speed to my monsters while his summoner only gave one speed.....That is a big advantage for me


In terms of power

3 of my monsters had 4 magic power attack, while 1 got 5 power and the last one got 3 power attack, 3 of his monsters had 3 magic power attack and the other two had 4 magic power, i am also leading him in this which gives me more chance at winning..

The real game changer was the scatter shot ability though, i was able to easily destroy his fighting monsters which rendered him powerful and in turn giving me victory over him, this is one of my best battle today!

if you want to be a part of this week splinterlands weekly battle challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and ingame

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