Splinterlands battle mage secret: No way out, face your fear!!

Hello splinter nerds...

you must be wondering why i use the title above, if we are faced with a kind of battle in which we can't run nor hide but just have to fight it out and let the best line up win best explained the title of my post....

The week splinterlands battle mage secret is counterspell.. Magical monsters are in trouble.....

I was paired with luincisa in a terrible battle rule, a kind of battle rule that put the attacking monsters at a disadvantage...

We were given 3 rules.

  • counterspell: This is a nemesis rule set to magic monsters as it does a damage back to them whenever they attack..

  • briar patch: This is a rule set that affect melee monsters, just the way counterspell return damages done by magic monsters, briar patch return damages done by melee attackers..

  • Little league: This means monsters with mana above 4 can not be used.....


The rules given put melee and magic monsters at a big disadvantage and it was obvious the opponent and i would want to use more range attackers but there is a twist...

The life splinter was available and so is Ilthain the summoner with the fire return ability, the opponent and i think alike, knowing we were both going to use range more since the battle rule set favours range more so we both used ilthain to balance things.. All monsters were at a disadvantage...


battle link

His line up was pretty good too, he defended well and also used monsters with the protect ability... He also had good attackers but we can only have one winner...

He used a monster with the blast ability and i felt that put him at a disadvantage because the monster was the first to die..

The monster with the blind ability he used favored me instead because those misses i was having saved my monsters from the return damage...

It was a very close battle and i would say those misses i had saved me more because my monsters last longer in the arena and that was how i got my victory...

if you want to be a part of this week splinterlands battle challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and ingame

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I think I will DM you about this game
I really want to know about it...