The new chaos legendary death summoner stats is freaking awesome!!


The new chaos legendary death summoner ASTRAL ENTITY was released yesterday and immediately i saw that, i quickly went to claim mine since i purchased 1082 packs during the chaos presale!

I was surprised by what i got when i claimed because i really was not expecting it...


2 standard and 1 gold foil Astral was staring at me, looks like i have not lost my midas touch and this is a good gift from splinterland to start the new month of february...

Aside the fact that this card is a pricy card, it also falls into the categories of summoners i fell in love with at first sight and that is because of her awesome stats....


Like other legendary chaos summoner, Astral is a 6 mana summoner and she possess three unique stats...

-2 Armor: We have many summoners that gives armor but Astral seems different from the rest as she takes away the same armor that others supply and it is the first of her kind! No other summoner takes armor away from monsters, this makes her unique...

Dodge: She is also the first summoner to possess the dodge ability, which makes it harder for opponent to hit the monsters she summon as this ability increases their chance of being missed by melee and range attackers...

Resurrect: The first monster that died on her team will be resurrected with one health...


I had a battle with this summoner and she did really great! it was just as expected and infact beyond my expectation because i did not expect the opponent monsters to miss that much... The rule set was only melee can be used, no healing and also only monsters with odd number can be used...*

battle link

The opponent came with lux vegathat added 1 armor, 1 health and 1 speed to his monsters while i use astral that took away the one armor given by lux plus an additional one more armor from the armor on his monsters...



A battle of only melee monsters without using a monster with demoralize ability is incomplete, it helps to reduce the opponent melee power and that is the reason why i use this monster at the front position and his trample ability might be useful as well...



The silent sha-vi is one of the fastest sneak monster in death splinter and since i was trying to use the sneak tactic, it is one of the suitable monsters that i need to win the battle, i placed it in the second position so it can last longer to wreck havoc on the opponent team...



My love for monsters with the opportunity and scavenger ability is great! i use them often in battles, the maggot possess this two abilities and i know it will last long in the battle since he will always add more health when any monster die in the battle... It did great and help in eliminating some of the opponent monsters....



The sandworm is a very powerful sneak monster, even the opponent used it since he also knows how brutal it can be when attacking, armor can't stop him because it has the piercing ability which allows him to penetrate the armor....



I was deliberating if i should place it as my last card or second to the last and the confusion is because of the resurrect ability of the astral summoner, if i use it as my last card and the opponent use a sneaky monster, means its redemption ability will be triggered twice but i have a better option that redemption so i place it in the second to the last position..



This is my first time in posting about this monster and it is monster i placed in the last position, it is the new edition that has the same ability as enchanted defender but it also possess more abilities, it has flying and return fire and more armored up!

I placed it in the last position knowing that his armor and thorn will be very useful and if he get killed, astral will resurrect it and before the opponent can kill it, he would have wasted almost all his health hitting it....

The twist in this battle was that, the opponent sneaky monster keep missing it and that is because of the dodge and flying ability lol.. this increases my chance of winning and i end up defeating the opponent..

It was a flawless victory!

if you want to be a part of this week splinterlands battle challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and ingame

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Thanks for your recommendation man, already bought snd made it max level and the result is phenomenal!