The Rage is a very powerful Monster


Some battles are worth rewatching and such is the battle I am about to share, The opponent came loaded with two healers and some good magic attack monsters, I thought I was going to lose the battle after he eliminated 3 of my monsters effortlessly but Rage gave me hope.


When you think all hope is lost then the hope bringer shows you that it is not yet over until the end, the opponent used magic monsters and Rage is well equipped with an ability that reduces the hit of magic attacks on it, it has the Void ability.

I did not win the battle based on just the void though, it was the combination of the Void and leech abilities and my last monster was a tank heal which boosted its health along with the leech ability.


We were given 2 rules:

Five Alive: This rule indicates that only 5 monsters can be used in total.
Fire & Regret: This rule is anti-range because all range monsters will suffer damage whenever they attack as all monsters have the fire return ability.*

The second rule made it possible to predict the opponent, I was not going to use range attackers nor would the opponent use the range monsters as the rule does not favor it, so the only two options left are melee and magic.

The melee monsters are strong fighters but they won't last when faced with magic attackers, they are vulnerable and since melee ain't designed to attack from any position like the magic monsters except those with special abilities like sneak and opportunity, then the safest bet was to use a good tank and powerful magic monsters.

The opponent also analyzed well and went with his best option, we used the same summoner and mode of attack but there was a slight difference in our tactics which can be seen below.

battle link

Even though we used the same monster as a tank, the opponent was smart enough to use a double-heal tank so I couldn't eliminate his tank while he killed mine in round 3 and eliminated more of my monsters but it got to a full stop when Rage became the tank.


The battle got interesting at round 5 where Rage took over the front position and became undefeatable.

The Void reduces the opponent's magic attacks on rage and with very rage attacks, he got more life with his leech ability, and with the tank heal at the rear position, every healing gives rage more health to the extent it got to 53+ Health, It was fatigue that ended the match, the opponent was smart to use a strong healing monster as his last card, I guess he was expecting the battle not to end easily, unfortunately for him, Rage has affliction ability that stops his monster from healing and that was how I was able to defeat him

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All pictures are gotten from Splinterlands lore and game

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You went on five rounds in this game but is there a fixed number of rounds before they can declare the winner?