My Splinterlands Battle With "Scavo Chemist".


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How are you? Hopefully, you all are fine and I am also well. Today I am here to share with you a battle I did on Splinterlands using Scavo Chemist.

@Splinterlands hosts a challenge named "Share Your Battle Challenge" every week and they give different themes every week. You just need to write a good post according to their theme to get their upvote. Also, you need to share your post link in their comment section and you need to share your battle on other social media platforms. The main intention of splinterlands is to spread splinterlands all over the world. This week's theme is to share a battle you did with "Feral Spirit" but unfortunately I didn't own this monster. I am sharing the battle I did with Scavo Chemist.

Here is the stats of Scavo Chemist


  • Scavo Chemist is a Common Fire Monster and a very low mana costing monster. It costs 2 mana. It has no damaging power that means it is not a melee, range or magic magic monster. It has 2 speed and 3 health along with Cleanse ability at level one. Cleanse ability means Removes all negative effects on the Monster in the first position on the friendly team. It has also Slow ability from level six and Headwinds ability from level ten. Slow ability means Reduces the Speed of all enemy Monsters. Headwinds ability means Reduces the Ranged attack of all enemy Monsters.

  • Let me introduce you to the lineup and the strategies I followed.

First Battle

Click here to watch the battle

Lineup Strategy


  • In this battle, combat rule was Standard and mana cap was 16. I choose TARSA as my summoner. TARSA is a rare fire summoner and it adds 1 melee damage and 1 health to all the friendly monsters.

  • In the first place, I choose to place Living Lava because of its Shield ability with high damaging power with health and armors. It costs 7 mana. It had 3 melee damage, 1 speed, 2 armors and 6 health. The summoner added one extra melee attack and health.

  • In the second place, I choose to place Serpentine Spy because of its Opportunity ability. Also, it has high melee damage and speed. But it has very low health which is risky. But I love this monster because of its Opportunity ability. It had 2 melee damage, 3 speed and only one health. It costs 3 mana. The summoner added one extra melee attack.

  • In the third place, I choose to place Scavo Chemist because of its Cleanse ability with low mana cost. It costs 2 mana. It had no damaging power, 2 speed, no armors and 3 health.

- Scavo Chemist is a good monster for its low mana cost with abilities. But it is not for the low mana cap battles as it has no damaging power. By the way I like this monster for its low mana cost and for its abilities.
  • My strategy worked in the first battle but didn't work in the rest two battles.

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Very useful in poison ruleset for those who don’t have FORGOTTEN ONE