Feral Spirit x Garfield Fan Art πŸ˜†


Hi splinterlands fam!
Lately, I've been think this crazy idea of mashing up cartoon characters and splinterlands characters πŸ˜† so today, i went and tried to combine Garfield and Feral Spirit. and the results are pretty neat don't you think? hehe

First i looked for pics i can use as a basis from, so i went with this off from google. hehe

then i thought that Garfield should be the Lower body and Feral Spirit will be the Upper body portion
so i went with a sketch using photoshop


and then, I added in Color. Color of garfield's and feral spirit's color mixed together, would look like this.


And now for the black background hehe

and that's it haha

Software used:
Photoshop 2020

I am open to suggestions so, critic my drawing down in the comments 😁

That's all, thank you for taking time to view my post and art hehe

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Hey bro! I love Garfield and this is a nice mashup. I'm going to curate this one on the lower end of the spectrum for the art contest. I wanted to suggest to you to try and make an introduction post as the LoveSniper comment suggests. Follow what LoveSniper recommends and you will be in good hands.

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'To help support your success and to help you from making any mistakes here on the platform... i wanted to share two posts i made to help newer users do well here on Hive.

Please check those out when you get some time and make sure NOT to do the things in there it warns against doing. I think this will increase your chances of support moving forward and accelerate your growth as well!'

Give those a read when you get a chance and you will have a greater chance at higher curation rewards in your Splinterlands Weekly Art Contest if you follow all the rules for a valid entry and do some of these practices i just mentioned (or will mention in those posts). Thanks man and i'm glad to see you start up your blog!