First season rewards in Silver league

From the announcement of Chaos Legion, I waited for a long time for the general sale, because I started in August and I had no vouchers. The prices were pretty high too for a while. But it finally came and I finally was able to put some money in the game. I bought some packs and also 8k CP worth of cards to be able to comete in S3. And I must say it really feels rewarding compared to the bronze experience.

My fist season reward is a good example:


This might not be much, but these rewards look so much better than in Bronze. When i was in Bronze with ~6k CP I didn't even play with my cards, because it felt like its not worth it, I just rented them out. However, with rewards like this I can finally cancel my rentals and enjoy the game like it meant to be. And we didn't even talk about the daily chests, 2 chest is 100% more than 1, and no more credits...

Text divider are from @nane-qts, posted in @theterminal's discord.