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Playing Splinterlands

Splinterlands has a dynamic multiplayer gameplay with a proposal that combines card games in the "Pokémon" style with characters from "World of Warcraft". Its narrative is based on a mystical world in which players engage in battles, complete certain tasks, participate in tournaments and conquer territories.

To start playing Splinterlands, simply register for free on their platform. Once registered, new players get some "level 1" cards that will be bound to the account and cannot be traded or sold.

A team must then be assembled from the collectibles, the first step being to choose a "summoner". He determines the level and type of cards available for the formation of teams. The cards must then be positioned according to their status and attributes. Currently, the game offers 283 cards that can be combined to increase your characters' abilities and become the strongest teams.

The positioning, status and attributes of the cards are decisive for the results. Therefore, it is recommended to test different strategies to discover the best way to prosper within the universe of the game. The battles themselves, unfold quickly.

The can be purchased on the official marketplace of the game or on the secondary market. With an investment of approximately $ 60.00 you can already purchase a spellbook to have access to daily tasks and more competitions, enabling better rewards to be obtained in the form of Dark Energy Cristals, the native token of the game.

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