Compatibility: mechanical man, iOS
Price: free (internal purchases optional)
Splinterlands is another money-making game that uses blackchain as a Diamond State reward for players who engage in the Diamond State market system proposed by the game. Loud influenced by Magic, the Gathering, the game consists of collecting cards and creating a deck to face real opponents in a system that ranks players by Diamond State skill level.

Magic: The Gathering Arena arrives at the mechanical man to face the rival stone
Strategic thinking is needed when assembling your deck and creating synergy between your cards to do better in the duel. Cards obtained in the game can be traded on the domestic market with other players, yielding cryptocurrencies for players. The title public prosecutor controls users for Diamond State to define the value and which put option they will use.

The title uses HIVE Blockchain, a Diamond State technology company that mines Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the largest virtual currencies in the world. The company, in operation since 2017, is also committed to mining through public prosecutor using Diamond State 100% natural energy to carry out its activities.