Easy Solve to the biggest problem Splinterlands has

Hey there, I have plenty of ideas that I very confident can improve splinterlands or solve some of the problems, think is a good timing now with the player proposals live and the community leader.

The Main Problem:
Is very few real new players and player retention, if we manage to get a real new players they will face a 90% lost rate in bronze against a legion of bots that play the perfect combinations of starter cards for every mode. This is a known problem but unfortunately has a very low priority to be solved while it should have the highest.

Bronze is Hell

I had played in all leagues except for champion and Bronze is a lot harder than silver and gold leagues by far if you don't have some key cards, for new players is impossible to win with the starter cards , they may leave the game right away , they may rent cards or buy cards on their own, this cards more likely will not be enough to reach a 50% win rate and get out of bronze them this ones will leave as well, only a few will make a research and find what are the key cards to defeat this bronze bot legions.
Before star getting new players we need to solve this.


Currently players get match together based in their league and their rating, so to get players vs players and bot vs bot we need to add something else with higher priority than the rating: the number of battles played, on bronze leagues match the players based in their numbers of battles played, this way new players are more likely to find a new player as well and bots with millions of battles played will fight against others bots with millions of battles played.

Other solution

Show new players a link with a proper tutorial of what cards should rent to get out of bronze fast, I have seen some saying ''rent Yodin Saku, kitty , and llama Kron'' well that is mostly a tutorial if you want to get 1 place on bronze leader-board or win a bronze tournament you could easily reach gold with level 1 of this cards but they are very expensive, some others can help with less win rate but costing like 1% of the previous mentioned like: mylor , Phantom of the abyss.

Lets get this idea find the light

Lets increases the priority on solving the main problem, mention the problem and the idea when ever you can, on the weekly town hall, you don't need to give me credit, you can past the idea as your own if you want. Or just give it a like to the post so more people check it and with some luck it will reach to the team eyes.
I will post it on suggestion and on the idea site as well.

Next ideas

I will be posting ideas to help splinterlands, next idea will be how to get thou-sens of new players to splinterlands without cost.