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I decided to write a follow up to yesterday’s post: 'SplinterCards Data Mining - Is Renting to a Higher League Worth it?'. After finding a rental for 35 DEC a day to lift me up to Silver II, I completed my Daily Quest and have hard data to verify my expectations.

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Data to Validate

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Moving to Silver II from Silver III granted me an extra chest for completing today’s Earth Quest. Questions to answer were…

  1.  Does the extra chest result in enough rewards to compensate for the fee of 35 DEC
  2.  Data from SpliterCards gave an expected return per chest of $0.134 or 41.9 DEC.  Do the three chests live up to that expectation?
  3.  Would battles be significantly more difficult in Silver II versus Silver III?

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Well, I pulled a rare Venari Crystalsmith in the first chest, but the second and third chest pulled the average down. The current market value of the Venari is $0.14, so roughly at expectation. The 1 DEC chest meant the final chest would have to come through with roughly 82 DEC. 10 DEC just wasn’t going to cut it. The answer to questions one and two is no.

On the battlefield I won 14 of the 24 battles I entered, a 58% win rate. Up to this point in the season I have an overall win rate of 57%. These numbers would suggest that I didn’t encounter any additional challenges moving up to Silver II. Anecdotally, I will say that I felt I was facing stiffer competition. I saw higher level summoners and monsters in my opponent's battle fields.

I believe I was aided by having an Earth Quest, which tends to land more naturally to my preferred battle selections. It will be interesting to see if I pull a different quest tomorrow and if that makes battles more challenging. I will say that question three needs more data to give a complete answer.

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Success or Failure?

From a strictly financial standpoint it was a 58 DEC failure. From a gameplay standpoint I can live with that. The excitement of opening another chest is worth the 58 DEC. Further, the experiment isn’t actually over after one day. I still have the rental, so tomorrow is another chance to make it a success.

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Thanks for reading!

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