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Dragon Splinter

I was excited to see ths week's share your battle challenge is Dragons. I've been eyeing the summoner Quix the Devious for a few days I used this as an opportunity to rent him for a fee days and see how it worked out.

I love the art, with Quix hanging upside down from the top right of the card. As a legendary summoner he is also able to summoner level three commons, and level two rare and epic cards as a level one card himself. I still don't own a large collection of leveled cards, but I was intrigued about being able to use Quix with varying splinter leveled up cards.

Quix the Devious

  • Dragon
  • Level 1
  • -1 Range Attack
  • -1 Speed
  • Rental Cost - 1.035 DEC per day


...Of course when the Chaos Rift was established and a doorway to the new world opened, Quix was eager to visit the Splinterlands and find new dragon trophies to add to his collection, expanding upon his already lethal repertoire of monsters...

dragon bar.png

The Battle

You can follow the entire battle HERE

Screen Shot 2022-02-04 at 5.45.43 AM.png

First Position - Djinn Chwalla

  • Thorns
  • Nine Health
  • Two Melee Damage
  • Five Armor
  • Strategy - A large shield, decent melee attack and the ability to deal damage with thorns makes Djinn a formidable tank

Second Position - Flying Squid

  • Reach
  • Eight Health
  • Two Melee Damage
  • Strategy - Reach allows Flying Squid to attack from the second position and the high health allows him to take a few hits and stills tay in the game

Third Position - Merdaali Guardian

  • Tank Heal
  • Three Health
  • Strategy - Merdaali is charged with keeping Djinn alive as long as possible. I placed her in the middle of the pack to protect her the best I could as she has no defense of her own

Fourth Position - Venari Wavesmith

  • Protect
  • Three Health
  • One Magic Attack
  • Strategy - Venari's protect ability should help keep Djinn alive longer by boosting his armor to seven. It also will help protect the entore lineup from and extra hit or two. An added bonus is his magic attack can slip under enemy armor.

Fifth Position - Furious Chicken

  • Zero Mana Cost
  • One Health
  • Strategy - At zero cost she is some insurance against a backline attack. With Vanari's protect boost she should be able to take two hits

dragon bar.png


My opponents choice of Keyla meant that Quix's speed debuff was of benefit. Furhter, my opponent choose two monsters with a range attack of two that Quix also helped to neutralize. Djinn's thorns and the back line abilities were more than enough to keep my lineup completely safe. The Chicken ended up being an after thought in this battle, but for zero mana she was a great insurance play.

I have enjoyed using Quix the past few days, but I have found it to be a very situational card at this point. Perhaps as I start to gain more leveled up cards across various splinters his ability to summon higher level cards would be a greater benefit to my play.


Check out Quix with fast cards (especially in Death). Nightmare (fast with blast). Sha-Vi (fast sneak). Lira (fast ranged). And Naga Assassin (fast backfire). Pelacor Deceiver (fast flying backfire)... Of course it depends on card and summoner levels but Death with Quix can be brutal :)
Creeping ooze (neutral) with an additional slow can also pair up nicely with Quix because -2 speed makes everyone on opponents side slower :)


I didn't think about pairing with creeping ooze. Looks like I have some more experimenting to do 😀. This is what I enjoy about the game is studying the abilities and being able to pick out the varying synergies that can be played.


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