Battle Mage Secrets: Beware the Noxious Fumes

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Hello dear Hive and Splinterlands community and welcome to another Cantfoldaces blog post about the Weekly Battle Mage Secrets

Unfortunetly I've missed the last Weekly challenge battle but should make up for it by sharing one of unexpected wins with a very limited Mana battle in this week's controversial Theme: Noxious Fumes

Noxious Fumes

  • Every Monsters starts the battle Poisoned
  • Positive buffs still take effect in this Ruleset (more of that later)

This ruleset can be one of your worst or BEST if you're able to play it correct AND predict what your opponent would go for!

Speaking of Abilities, some are key to secure some easy and unexpected wins instead of focusing on the traditional offensive/defensive strats:


Monsters with Immunity aren't affected by Negative status effects, including Poison from the start of the battle


All negative effects are removed from the Monster on the Tank position. Pretty useful when having a tanky/high Damage Monster on the front lines


A tricky Ability to deploy on this ruleset, knowing that Poison is a One-time application, Ressurected monsters are reintroduced to the battle Without having Poison applied on them!

With this let's jump right into the battle:

Into The Battle!

I will be bringing a Silver League battle, with the following rulesets:


This battle Ruleset is pretty rough to deal with:

  • Very Low Mana Cap,
  • Only Life is available
  • Noxious Fumes + Tis But Scratches that won't make a huge difference in this battle
  • My picks will be as fellow:
+1 Speed
Return Fire
Speed matters in every situation as being the first to act in these low mana battle can make a huge diff + Retun Fire since only Life is available and most likely Ranged Monsters will be picked by the Enemy
NoneNext up is the Meat Shield as I had 1 Spare Mana to put it up front and soak some damage instead of my Main Tank
Heal One of the best low mana Tank Monsters with enough Health + Heal to sustain both upcoming Damage and few Round of Poison, Unfortunately Tis But Scratches puts a halt to its potential healing
ImmunityA way to prove how to win a battle in a Pacifist way and stress on how important and game-changing this Ability is in the Noxious Fumes Ruleset. Moreover, it got enough armor to sustain some damage and on last position to survive a long as possible!
Immunity is NOT affected by Cripple

Enemy Lineup


Enemy team went for a different position:

  • Mother Kala as a summoner for a additional +1 Health
  • Vulgine to rank up on health with the Scavenger Ability
  • Venari Crystalsmith for the Tank Heal
  • Venator Kinjo ??
    We can mention that all these monsters have a very low health pool that won't survive the first Poison Round!

Round 2


3 Monsters have already their health dropping down to Zero while my team still didn't proc a single attack, but Vulgine ended up the biggest benefactor by scavenging up to 5 Health
Same for Xenith Monk restoring most of its Health:


Round 4

After going back and forth from both teams, Cripple had a huge impact on both Xenith Monk and Venari Crystalsmith healings! As the battle reached the 4th Round we are left with a final Heads-Up:


Vulgine needs to survive long enough to get past 8 Armor and 4 Health to be able to take down Evelyn Auvera as Immunity is NOT affected by Cripple as mentionned above which is impossible as it needs to survive 12 Poison Round to be able to do so!

With this, the battle is concluded on the 6th Round with a clean win from the Pacifist Evelyn

Here is the Link to this Cool Battle

Post-Battle Commentary

With this low mana battle and picks I don't think that I can make a better choice. However it is important to mention some monsters that can counter this strat as no composition is invincible in Splinterlands:

  • Silvershield Bard (1 Mana) with the Cleanse Ability, luckily its not available on Modern
  • Kralus (11 Mana) with the Immunity ability but the mana cap is too low to put it into action!

Thank you for reading till now and Good luck Have Fun on your Splinterlands Battles!

Cool Dividers are from the Awesome @kyo-gaming design!

Abilities Icons are from @underlock Posts (they are great!)

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