Battle Mage Secrets: Keep Your Distance! The Power Of REGHARGE

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Hello dear splinterlands community, I hope y'all having a wonderful Sunday 😁 and welcome to my second Cantfoldaces's Hive Blog for this weekly battle challenge!

Honestly it became very rough to compete in the Wild Edition even before the end of the season and became heavily bot infested especially at the Silver 1 League where I'm facing lots of maxed out Silver teams!

Moreover, the reward pool in Wild took a massive hit as I'm struggling to exceed 0.2 SPS per battle win at Silver 1. I'm seriously considering moving to Modern League seeking for softer, higher rewards battles.

Keep Your Distance

  • Monsters with Melee attack may NOT be used in the battle
  • Only Ranged / Magic can be used on this Ruleset

Zoom of Recharge

As the title shows, I'll put a bit of emphasis on the Recharge Ability, althrought it's not as popular of other multiple Offensive Ability due to its inconsistency:

  • This Monster attacks every other round but does 3x damage
  • Starting attacking on the 2nd Round

So let's have a look at the available Recharge Monsters in this game:


  • Ifrit Rising & Insidious Warlock are exceptionnally used
  • Temp Master is sometimes used in Little League Ruleset
  • Uriel The Purifier is the most popular Recharge Monster
    • Fills the Tank Role very well (Great stats + Flying + Heal)and deals absurd amount of Damage!
  • Zyvax Vuul became popular after the introduction of Going The Distance
  • Suidae Shaman & Gobson Bomber are the main actor of todays battle.

Into The Battle!

I will be bringing a Wild Silver League battle, with the following rulesets:


In this battle we have the Explosive Weaponry Ruleset where all monsters have the Blast Ability, while it benefits the Agressive Playstyle, it's also important to place some defensive countermeasures on the Team. Keep Your Distance is our Main Theme.
Earth, Life, Death, Dragons are UP, but since my opponent match history shows that he was spamming Mages, I've decided to go as follow:

The Summoner for this line-up goes to The Legendary Airdrop Chaos Legion Earth Summoner : Immortalis . Since I'm expecting to mostly face Magic damage than Archery, nerfing the upcoming damage should be the priority hence Void Ability
-1 Health Nerf is still beneficial especially since we got the Explosive Weaponry Ruleset
Shatter is also crucial since I'll be using a bit of Archery Damage

The Tank position goes to the Tanky Chaos Legion Earth Monster Mycelic Splipspawn .
It's high Health couple with the Void from Immortalis is perfect to halt the upcoming magic damage and survive long enough in order to buy time for my Recharge Monster to fire their damage.
Taunt will keep my monsters safe from potential enemy Snipe monsters

The Soulbound Reward Common Card with the Martyr Ability. Usually placing it at the 1st position; since we have the Explosive Weaponry Ruleset, placing it on the second position would be way better to buff Mycelic Slipspawn and the 3rd position Monster:

Here we have our main damage dealer: The Riftwatchers Rare Card with the Recharge Ability Suidae Shaman . Expecting a 6 Magic Damage every other round with 3 additional blast damage, aiming to pumping it up to 9 Damage + 5 Blast damage after the Martyr Buff

Introducing the old beta earth card and hated by all: Mushroom Seer with the Silence Ability. Since we are expecting to face Mages, and in addition to the Void granted by Immortalis, why don't we nerf the upcoming magic damage even harder
Moreover, it helps with the reduction or nullifying the blast damage

Another Common Chaos Legion Magic Monster that will be playing the Role of a Support Goblin Pshycic with the Tank Heal Ability helping with out goal to keep Mycelic Slpispawn survive even longer!

Our final and 2nd Recharge Monster: Gobson Bomber aiming for a 6 Ranged Damage + 3 blast every other Round.
This is where Shatter from immortalis will be proven very useful so that Gobson's damage won't get wasted on enemy's Armor!

Pre-Battle Buffs & Debuffs


Again as expected from the enemy team to bring a Magic Spam composition, but that enemy Mushroom Seer would be a little annoyance to my plans!

Round 1


Nothing much happened on the first round:

  • Almost all of the Blast damage got nullified by Void
  • Return Fire got also nullified by Void
  • No losses from both parties

Round 2


  • Gobson Bomber draws the 1st blood with a 6 Damage Recharge attack on Enemy Fingus flinger and 3 blast damage on Prismatic Energy!
  • Suidae Shaman follows with another Recharge for a second kill on Prismatic Energy and blasting some damage on Runemancer Florre
  • Still No losses from my team, even my sacrifical pawn is still alive and Mycelic slipspawn is still too healthy

Round 3


  • Time for both Gobson and Shaman to Recharge their attacks
  • Nothing much going on except the elimination of Regal Peryton from the blast damage provided by Mushroom Seer

Round 4


  • Gobson Bomber First a 2nd Recharge attack on Runemancer Florre and eliminates Goblin Psychic with the Blast Damage
  • Pay attention to the Suidae Shaman Damage, the Recharge strike dealt 3 Damage (left)while the Blast Damage deal ALSO 3 Damage (right)! Is that a bug or a hidden mechanism for the Recharge Ability !?
  • With this the battle ended in a nutshell and a Perfect Victory!

Link to This Cool Battle

I didn't have to check splintertools knowing how one sided and dominated this battle was! In this end, the Recharge Ability wasn't so bad after all, especially in Explosive Weaponry as it was extremely effective can turn the tides of any battle (if only I could have a buffed Suidae Shaman for the insane damage!)

Thank you for reading till now and Good luck Have Fun on your Splinterlands Battles!

Cool Dividers are from the Awesome @kyo-gaming design!

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