Battle Mage secrets: The Magic is Lost but The Damage still ON!

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Hello dear Hive and Splinterlands community and welcome to another Cantfoldaces blog post about the Weekly Battle Mage Secrets

I've been saving up some of my interesting battles so that I can bring them on future contests and this was the case in the week's theme: Lost Magic

Lost Magic

  • Magic units may NOT be used in battle.
  • 2 type of Damage can be used Melee & Ranged in the battle

This battle's ruleset is quite similar to Keep Your Distance Ruleset but the difference lays in Ban of Magic instead of Melee as the name of the Ruleset implies!

With this we have some key Abilities that will be more impactful in this kind of Ruleset, since we have a 50% of facing Melee and 50% chance of facing Ranged:


ANTI-Melee: Very expected if Fire/Water/Death are Available

ANTI-Ranged: Life++ (Bronze/Silver)

Speaking of Summoners, we have some decent ones that can be put in this Ruleset:

More about it later

Both these cards are amazing, Mylor counters Melee but defenseless againt Ranged while Kelya gives Armor and Speed Advantage

Into The Battle!

I will be bringing a Wild Silver League battle, with the following rulesets:


In this battle we have a mid Mana Cap for 30 Mana featuring the Lost Magic ruleset, our theme of this week, in addition to Armored Up that on itself plays as a support for the current Ruleset. Moreover, Fire, Water and Life are available with opens up lots of opportunities.
Looking at my opponents history, it got 3 past battles with the Life Team so I have decided to go as follow:

+1 Speed
Return Fire
Speed matters in these type of rulesets as the goal is to get rid as early as possible from the Armor especially with an agressive Team + Retun Fire allows to cover the defense of the 50% probability of facing Ranged Damage
Void Armor Of course picking it was for the sake of it decent chunk of Health and Armor in addition to the Àrmored Up Ruleset
Inspire Since I'm going for a strategic Sneak play, why not boost all my Melee Monsters Damage by an additional +1 Melee
Double Strike + Sneak One of the best and heaviest Sneak Damage Dealer! Both strikes amplified with Inspire are enough to deal some serious damage to the backline: Only Counter: Thorns!

Sneak It's very important to have most monsters focus on the same enemy monster, the reason we have 3 Sneak Monsters focused on the last position Monster

Pre-Round 1


Pre-battle Buffs & Debuffs

Enemy team did bring a higher level and powerful composition:

  • Chaos Knight with Shield that halvens both upcoming Melee/Ranged
  • Truthspeaker with Protect for even more Armor
  • Scavo Hierling with Repair to make it even harder to get into their additional Armor
  • Pelacor Arbalest + Supply Runner For the Ranged Damage buffed by General Sloan

Round 1

Watch how hard Return Fire hurts: Pelacor Arbalest suffered 4 reflection Damage! (althought Imperial Knight got some serious damage)
As for the rest, supply runner got eliminated by the sneak attackers combo

Round 2


Both side made some losses:

  • Enemy lost Pelacro arbalest (the damage dealer)
  • My team lost Imperial knight (The Tank)
    The battle rapidly shifting in my favor as the enemy is mostly left with support monsters
    Notice how Speed made me have the upper hand

Round 3

just watching the sneak barrage on the poor helpless backline as it got easier with the elimination of the Truthspeaker and then through Scavo Hierling

Round 4


The battle would be soon over as the lone enemy Chaos Knight up agaisnt an army of sneaky claws merciless monsters that wrapped up the 5th round in a matter of a couple of attacks from Silvershield Assasin to seal the VICTORY

Here is the Link to this dominating Battle

Post battle commentary

Despite enemy team level's advantage, Ilthain on itself played a decent role in my team's victory:

  • Speed Advantage was the key to perform most of my attacks before the support Repair got the turn to react
  • Return Fire did inflict several damage to their damage dealer leading to its demise sooner than expected

On the other hand, it would be wiser to have put Chaos Knight with Shield instead of Imperial Knight who's more beneficial while facing Magic Damage

Thank you for reading till now and Good luck Have Fun on your Splinterlands Battles!

Cool Dividers are from the Awesome @kyo-gaming design!

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