Splinterlands: Share your battle weekly challenge! How I made Mylor Cry.


Hello splinterlanders! It's my second participation in the share your battle weekly challenge!

The theme is Crystal Jaguar but since I didn't have any interesting matchs to share, I'll come up with this one: How I beat Mylor!


Lineup and strategy

Match details

  • 27 Mana Cap
  • Rules: Stampede
  • Water and Dragon: out

Opponent history

Enemy last 5 matches are in not my favour: picking Mylor in 3 matchs and water cards in 2 matches.
Since water is out, there is a high probability he'll go for mylor!


Malric Inferno

I went for the fire for a few reasons:

  • to pick **Living Lava **
  • Enough monsters with non melee attacks

First Position

Living Lava

Enough Armor and health in addtion to **3 damage + 1** from Malric makes it deadly aagainst enemy tank. Most importantly, he got **Shield** so I'll suffer **-1 Health** instead of 2 from *thorns *damage.

Second Position

Goblin shaman

With his **weaken** it always comes in handy having the backline with even lower health and easier to snipe.

Third Position

Fire Beetle

4 Health to withstand some damage and **snipe** ability to get rid from the already-weakened enemy backline before they do too much damage to living lava.

Fourth Position

Fire Elemental

Another great damage dealer: - Won't suffer from the thorns ability - **2 ranged damage** - **blast**: An easy kill to the second position having only 1 health.

Fifth Position


  • Again a ranged monster with enough damage and snipe abilities will hurt the backline!
  • Decent health against sneak attackers

The Battle

Here is the link to watch the battle: Enjoy!

Round 1


As expected, I'm faced against Mylor that I never won against in addition to Wood Nymph constantly healing the tank... and a couple of sneak monsters that will go to Mantoid.
but luckily my backline have a higher speed so at least I can provide some damage on round 1.

Round 2


So far so good!

  • Goblin Sorcerer was taken out thanks to blast
  • Wood Nymph by Mantoid that managed to survive the first round luckily.
  • Living Lava living up to this name with 4 damage and does suffer only 1 damage from thorns. OP! (Wait did that tree tried to hit me? shame on you)

Round 3


Enemy Tank is out and I still got Living Lava Alive
All my monsters have survived the first couple of rounds while enemy only left with 3 low health monsters!

1st Victory VS mylor is approaching!

Battle Result

The reason why I shared this battle and really happy about it is because I could overcome the "unbeatable" Mylor even thought there are some cards missing like mushroom seer. In addition, it's a proof that I'm starting to better understand the game and coming up with better strategies in order to counter the Meta. Wait I've got 4 DEC :D

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