Splex user Marketplace for Rental Investment and FREE LEGENDARY GIVEAWAY! (see inside for details)!!

Good morning fellow Splinterlandians,

Today I want to highlight a basic, yet extremely useful tool I utilize when purchasing "Rental Specific Cards"

Skip to the Tl;Dr for the juicy deets and GIVEAWAY requirements


First - I would like to define "Rental Specific Cards" to eliminate any confusion:

Rental Specific Cards or RSCs are cards I purchase with the sole intent of Renting for maximum profit.


I've learned a number of costly lessons over the last 18 months here and now there are a few things I take into consideration when purchasing RSCs and they are:

  1. What is the current RoA%?

  2. How playable is this card - I started with CP focused rentals when that was a thing... fortunately, I didn't get too far down that road before the switch because good golly... did the rental prices TANK on L10 Garg Lions, Heatsmiths and other Reward Commons 😭

  3. How likely is the card to APPRECIATE... yes... another huge mistake I made when I first started... and I mean HUGE (until it isn't... hopefully... 🤡) was buying extremely expensive cards that were in high demand at the time, without understanding WHY or what was coming...

I thought my $1,000 Valnamor was a DEAL 🤢... well it was... but not for me... 😭

When Modern vs Wild started... prices of A/B cards just TANKED... I am hoping, one day to recoup those losses... but it is unlikely...

The Bear Market has made that guess doubly tough... I don't know exactly what caused the price drop but with the Untamed Lego Summoner Prices dropping... I suspect Yodin/Llama and Kron will all be in the same boat as the Beta Power Summoners like Val, Renynn and Crypt :(

So... again - I focus on what cards will likely APPRECIATE vs tank harder than a Me 109 with a wing shot off...


Lastly, again - RoA%, RoA%, RoA% - I can't stress this enough!!!

I used to focus on: if I buy X cards at Y price or if I buy 1 card vs 10, or 3 Level 3s vs 2 5's or.... WHATEVER...

At the end of the day, there is only ONE metric that matters... Return on Asset.

In the current market set up, it costs 1 DEC to list or change the rental price on a card - which means finding cards that don't fluctuate much or rent for > 5 DEC/d on avg are important (to me).

It doesn't matter how much the card costs, how many you buy, want, blah blah blah... the only metric that SHOULD matter is RoA% and here's why:

For me, my goal of card rentals is to eventually generate passive income for compounding Splinterlands Investments, Genesis League, other projects and eventually down the road in the Bull Market - some well deserved travel :)

So why does RoA% matter so much?

Simple math my friends...

Start by setting an earnings goal for the day and the year in your local currency...

I'll use $USD...

  1. Lets say my daily goal is $100... $100 * 365 days = $36,500 in income from rentals.

  2. My original method was to calculate how much DEC per day I would need...

1k DEC = $.80 currently so that's 1,250 DEC/d for $1.00 or 125,000 DEC/d for $100...

This was great for calculating how much DEC/d I would need to earn but not great at maximizing my income by helping target cards for purchase

The MUCH EASIER WAY to calculate what you need is this:

$Investment * avg RoA% = Yearly Income... DUH... Right? I mean that seems REALLY obvious at this stage but with life, overworking myself and everything else, it took me awhile to fully grasp this...

Let's say you want to hit $36,500 year in Rental Income... target those High RoA% cards that rent well (playable) and figure the Investment you need relative to the RoA%!

If we target 100%+ RoA% cards and believe they'll rent extremely well for the next year... we can assume hope that they will rent out at 50% of the time at 100%+ RoA or some combo that adds up to a Total RoA% of 50%...

Note - I don't know where else, with what other asset you can get close to 50%... so I am trying hard to make this work!

So again... if we hope for 50% and are smart about it (using my expensive lessons from the past) we can do the following math problem...

RoA50% * $Investment = Yearly Income (YI)... YI/365 = Daily Income (DI)...

If we use the $36,500YI or $100DI goal above... you should have already arrived at the conclusion that we would need to invest 2X our YI goal to achieve it, all other assumptions being correct.

$73,000 invested = $36,500YI or $100DI

Which is an absolutely MIND BOGGLINGLY large return...

To put this in perspective... I own a rental property... It has roughly a $200,000 USD value... it generates $12,600YI or $34.50 DI

That's almost THREE TIMES the investment amount for ONE THIRD the return... however... you trade stability for % gains lol...

That's the benefit of the rental property lol... anyways...

If you're new to the Splinterlands Ecosystem... if you want to start generating passive income... STEP ONE is to hunt down those RSCs and start accumulating them!

Every card that 100% RoA or greater will essentially DOUBLE itself every year!

Stack 12 of them... and you get a FREE RSC every MONTH!

The exponential growth function is PARAMOUNT to understanding how powerful this is!!

So... finally... how do I hunt down all these RSCs?

First stop is the Splex marketplace... why?



Yes... it really is that simple... Log in to Splex... Click the "Market" tab on the Top Left and check out the photo below to see a live example:

Splex Market.png

I take one further additional step and will choose a couple from that list to verify current market conditions - those are auto set for "Best RoA% over 14 Days"...

It shows: what card, what set, what rarity, what splinter, what RoA% and RIGHT NEXT TO THAT IS A STAR AND A #... That's what LEVEL is achieving that RoA%... DO NOT SCREW THAT UP!!!

Seriously - don't overlook that!!

In this example, top line - Gem Meteor, Chaos Legion, Epic, Neutral Splinter, 265.9% RoA... ⭐️2

That means LEVEL TWO GEM METEORS not L1 or L4... LEVEL 2's have been KILLING it on a 14 Day average... for whatever reason...

Now I personally... am not going to run out and snag a shitload of L2 Gem Meteor due to the "Playability" aspect of them... but it's something to keep an eye on...

You can sort via number of HIGHLY USEFUL METRICS...

The Default is: 14D RoA%, Highest Yield, RF + GF

You can change the timeframe by clicking the YRoa drop down on the right hand side (circled in green and with a GIANT ARROW POINTING TO IT)... If you can't find the drop down in the photo below... you are beyond my skill to help... Godspeed my friend...

I have updated the timeframe for YRoa to 3 Days... again... GIANT CIRLCES... GIANT ARROWS... IN VIBRANT GREEN MS PAINT GLORY.

3 Day RoA%.png

Perhaps you want to add a little bling to your budding and blossoming rental collection...

The default is BEST RoA%... RF + GF... you can sort by EITHER... by clicking the RF... or GF... in the circle...

As you can see below... I reset to Default (14 Days) and I have clicked GF.

Now it has GF^ and it shows me the best RoA% earning GF cards over the last 14 days :)


GF RoA% 14 Day.png

As an added BONUS... If you PURCHASE the cards via Splex Marketplace... you get 5% MINIMUM CASH BACK via DEC on all your purchases... Yup... Cash. Back. #BOOM

I truly hope this helps all the aspiring Cardlords out there!

What could $5, $10, $100 or more in passive income do for you?

Travel? Work less? A better life? More investments?

Had I understood this at a young age... my life would be very, VERY different... as it is... I learned it now, implement it now and I share it in the hopes that we can all benefit from it!

Rising tides lift all boats is what they say 😄

Now - please understand, I have a VERY diverse portfolio of investments...

Gold/Silver/Guns/Ammo/Food/Property/Cash/Crypto and more...


The risk is EXTREME... but so are the rewards... Invest WISELY... be ready to LOSE IT ALL... and last but not least...


Tl;DR - Use Splex marketplace to sort by RoA% and make your Rental Specific Card purchases EXTREMELY EASY!!


Splex is currently working on updating their rental algorithm for the 1 DEC Fee but if you're NOT using Splex... What in the world are you doing???? RENTING MANUALLY?!?!?

Splex is FREE (NO CATCHES)!!

I am not bein PAID to write this - I am writing it because it is an AWESOME service and Genepool + Yixn are fantastic people with a passion for this game! Plus you only "PAY" if you use the service to AUTO RENT YOUR CARDS... The ALGORITHM "Golems" watch over your collection, update and rent to market and much more!

Join the Discord if you have further questions and feel free to reply with any comments as well!

For any non bot reply with IGN + reblog, I will choose a winner after the Hive Payout and give away ONE LEGENDARY CARD from the Reward Set...

I'll pick the winner from the replies and create a follow up post with the announcement :)

Good luck Splinterlandians... may the odds ever be in your favor!

Cheers 🍻,

  • CaptainDingus

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Great insight into the rental market Captain! Very easy to read and comprehend!


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