Splinterlands Daily Quest 2021-11-23 - DEATH QUEST


Though Death is one of my favourites splinters I needed thirteen battles for the five wins this time. Would be better for climbing up to swap splinters between battles more often so that the opponent will not know what I come up with. But I do want to try getting higher with the cards I have because this should be getting much easier when my funds arrive in the game and I can build better decks. That will take one or two other days I guess. So far, here are my won battles for the quest.

1st won battle

Battle 01.png
Similar composition on the opposite side!

2nd won battle

Battle 02.png
After this battle was won and the next one started...

3rd won battle

Battle 03.png
...something told me it would be a piece of cake ^^

4th won battle

Battle 04.png
After a couple of lost games this fight went better.

5th won battle

Battle 05.png
Would have been a draw but exhaustion let my Haunted Spirit survive last with one Hitpoint before the healing kicked in 😅

Reward was the worst since I started these postings:

Death Quest.png


That's my 2 credits for today, have fun and good luck on the battlefield!


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