Splinterlands Daily Quest 2021-11-25 - Death Quest

Hi all!

Death Quest time again, this time it started good with two wins in a row but I endend up getting nine losses against five wins. Not the best rate but I will start planning my collection for getting up to Bronze II. I do not know if I will be able to do every daily quest in time while concentrating on crawling up the ladder though after coming home from work but at least the weekend is near ^^

Now for the won battles:

1st won battle

Battle 01.png
fortunately this time I came prepared for magic glass cannons

2nd won battle

Battle 02.png
i was glad only one monster profits from the +1 attack

3rd won battle

Battle 03.png
would have been worse if Truthspeaker had not been taken out so soon

4th won battle

Battle 04.png
Haunted Spirit is already (un)dead and has not too many problems regarding fatigue...

5th won battle

Battle 05.png
for I did not use magic or armor both the skills of the summoner and Unicorn Mustang did not apply

The reward this time was just seven credits:

Death Quest.png


Have fun and good luck on the battlefield!