weekly Splinterlands account status - 2021-12-02

Hi all!

Has been an interesting week for me having made some changes to my plan and even got into Bronze I instead of Bronze II.

Here you can find my previous post and my initial plan for this week.

My plan had been to rent some cards and get into Bronze II. These were the cars I rented according to that:

Card Rentals.png
I decided to buy the Armorsmith instead of renting it. From time to time I want to add a card here and there to my collection.
Another point was that Silvershield Bard as the only 1 mana option was not too useful in many situations. So I also bought another card to get more variety:
Creeping Ooze

The Creeping Ooze should give me the little extra advantage for only one mana. I have to say the Ooze totally delivered and was very useful in all decks!


After two days I finally managed to get into Bronze II.

11-28 Rating.png

I did not manage to play all days and miss one or two daily chests until the end of the season arrived. In total there were a handful of DEC from the daily battles and the following rewards won:

11-27 Reward.png11-28 Reward a.png11-28 Reward b.png

11-30 Bronze II reward.png

Not too bad in my opinion!


After the start of the new season I wanted to try getting into Bronze I now. I realized I had not maximized my chances of winning because I only rented cards on level 1. In order to maximize my output alt least with the life splinter I had to rent Lorna on Level 2 and the other cards depending on their maximum level in Bronze league. My new renting plan looked different now:

New renting plan.png

The Gold Lorna was the same price as a regular one so I gladly took it. In total I now pay 63.895 DEC daily for my rentals. This is more expensive but got me into Bronze I and now it is possible to earn more just from DEC reward for winning than the renting costs. Unfortunately my daily quest got stuck for two days now on Earth Splinter so two less daily rewards so far. I will try to finish in Bronze I until season end and get at least even with battle reward vs. rent costs. So every daily or season reward will be a plus.

In total this is my new snapshot of my account:

Investment in total: 630$

  • 10$ for the spellbook
  • 50$ Staked HIVE for Resource Credits)
  • the rest in DEC and a couple of SPS

Actual assets worth: 639,105$

74,60$ Cards
378,59$ ingame DEC
8.235$ Staked SPS
0.39$ ingame Credits
127.29$ SPS/DEC liquidity pool
50$ Staked Hive

A little less than last time. Hope this will change after the season has ended and renting has paid out ^^

other statistics:

12-02 Rating b.png

Rent income: 3.258 DEC/day

Have a nice week and good luck on the battlefield!


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