weekly Splinterlands account status - 2021-12-11


Hi all!

In order to get into christmas mood I made some christmas pixel style divider - you can grab it and use it for your own posts if you like πŸ˜‰

I am a little late with my weekly post, somehow I thought I did it last saturday πŸ˜… Anyway, here it is now!

Here is my last weekly status post from 12-02.
As it seems it was a good idea to max out my rentals for the Bronze league. Battles were easier now and soon I had a rating high enough for silver III! Now I had another problem. In order to get the two chests from the dailies and the higher DEC rewards I would have to rent about 8000 more Collection power. I decided to give it a go. In order to be able to succeed in the daily quests in silver I waited until the quest was reloaded and then decided which cards to rent for more power. This helped a lot when I got a WATER quest, where I have no good cards in the splinter's pool. All in all I got the following rewards from daily quests from December 3rd to 10th (did not manage to play on 4th).


My fight of the week - I am sure I would have been slaughtered if my team hadn't included two armor repairing units.

My Daily Quest Chests

12-03 Snipe Quest12-05 Death Quest
12-03 Snipe Quest.png12-05 Death Quest.png

12-06 Neutral Quest
12-07 Water Quest
12-08 Sneak Quest
12-09 Snipe Quest
12-10 Neutral Quest

After getting the Venari Crystalsmith soon I was eager to continue. the next two drops were okay, but then it got worse. I had to do a lot of battles to at least get my rent costs back and after the chest with two alchemy potions I skipped the rest of the day without getting even. The next day was much better with Djinn Renova and I got back into the green zone.


So this is what my rewards are worth at this moment:

Venari Crystalsmith: ~ 131 DEC
Pelacor Bandit: ~ 13 DEC
Venari Heatsmith: ~ 14 DEC
Djinn Renova: ~ 275 DEC
8 Credits: ~ 1 DEC
27 DEC: 27 DEC
1 Legendary Potion: ~ 6 DEC
2 Alchemy Potions: ~ 14 DEC
Battle Rewards: 610.672 DEC

The value of the potions is taken from splintercards.

Total Rent costs were 928.296 DEC

This gets me to a a total of ~ 163.376 DEC growth from doing battles.

My Thoughts/Next Plans

I will make a new post when the season ends and then switch to a post every season in order to get the season rewards count for the total growth.

The Chaos Legion expansion dropped right into the season and made it a bit more challenging to geet the right team together in the beginning. Some cards were added to the standard pool and some were taken away. All in all the new cards made it more fun to play for me. I have not many SPS staked and so I was not able to get a new pack because of missing out on vouchers.

My plan is to continue in this way for some time. That means start in Bronze and get into Silver III. I do not think it will be worth it to rent into the higher leagues so far on the last season's day. From time to time I will add a card to my collection so that my rent costs will be less.

Unfortunately the value of the SPS and DEC tokens dropped a good amount till my last post so that in spite of growing ingame, from my initial 630$ invested only 458$ of worth are left. I think this will get better again when the direction of the main crypto currencies will turn back to the win zone.


See you in a couple of days, until then: have a nice weekend and good luck on the battlefield!