weekly Splinterlands account status - my starting point

Hi all!

In this weekly status post I will document the (hopefully existent ^^) growth of my account. In this first post I will give you an overview of the resources I have put into the game so far and what I plan to do in the following week until the next post.

Regarding to my account entry I started playing in September 2021.


I only bought a spellbook and fought battles for a couple of days, usuallly in order to do the daily quests. That time there were still some small DEC rewards and more frequent card rewards in Bronze III. After a week or so I had some other more urgent tasks to finish and I did not play for a nearly a month. I then returned and invested around 50$ into the game for flipping and renting some cards instead of playing to get into these other aspects of the game. After that I bought Lorna and rented another couple of cards for a day on the last day of a season in order to get out of Bronze III. After seeing that this would work, I decided to get more involved.

So here is my starting point:

Investment in total: 630$

  • 10$ for the spellbook
  • 50$ Staked HIVE for Resource Credits)
  • the rest in DEC and a couple of SPS

Actual assets worth: 668.07$

  • 67.90$ Cards
  • 418.33$ ingame DEC
  • 4.20$ ingame SPS
  • 0.35$ ingame Credits
  • 127.29$ SPS/DEC liquidity pool
  • 50$ Staked Hive

I will not count the growth in HIVE power in the future towards the assets because it is too difficult to tell which change in HIVE came from Splinterlands and which not. Anyway this leads to a plus of 38.07$ right now.

other statistics:

  • Rating: 244 (BRONZE III)
  • Power: 95
  • Rent income: 6.310 DEC/day

My plan for this week is to get up and stay in BRONZE II. Lorna should help with this, I just have to rent her some friends tomorrow! For my Lorna is still Level 1, that would also be the max Level for the monster cards. I have all cards from the spellbook and a Venari Crystalsmith. I will rent the folowing cards to add to the card pool (with daily renting cost added):

In total this would be around 8.2 DEC renting cost per day or 70 DEC per week, not too expensive!

We will see next week if this will work out - till then have fun and good luck on the battlefield!


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