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The new weekly Share your Battle Challenge has been replaced by the Baggle Mage Secrets Challenge. The new challenge is no longer about a single card, but about a rule for the battles.

I like this very much, so one has more flexibility what one wants to show. Also, it is important for all newcomers to understand the single rules to be able to understand which cards can work well.
This also helps enormously in the guild brawls to achieve better results.

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Description: All units gain the Blast ability. Additional damage is equivalent to main damage divided by 2, rounded up.
Include a unit with Reflection Shield in your lineup to absorb blast damage and protect your back line.

Explosive Weaponry is actually one of my favorite rules. There are so many cool possibilities to experiment with it. For a long time, the Blast ability was hardly counterable. That also explains why Yodin is so strong.
Since the introduction of the Reflection Shield ability, things have changed a bit. Blast is still very powerful, but you're not as helpless anymore.

There are various ways to use this ability effectively. In my opinion, the most important thing is to distribute the damage well. Cards with Snipe and Opportunity are extremely strong with Blast. Scattershot can also be interesting, although personally, I'm not a big fan of it.
Most Gladius cards also benefit greatly from this rule. Their snowball potential becomes even greater with it!

The other rules in each matchup also play a crucial factor here. For example, with Fog of War, Opportunity becomes irrelevant, and so on.
Speed is also crucial, and if you expect a lot of melee or ranged damage, Armor is naturally important as well.

My match had the following setup:

We have Fog of War, Explosive Weaponry, and the new Rebirth. 40 Mana and Water, Death, and Dragon monsters. One important piece of information is still missing, it is a Brawl match on the Alpha/Beta Silver Fray.




Since magic damage is always a good option and there are many good magic cards in the A/B set, I opt for Delwyn with the Deathsplinter.


The Spirit is a very strong tank card, 1. it has Heal and 2. it has Magic Reflect. So physical damage is counterhealed and magic damage is reflected. Also, 5 mana is not much for this card. A really great tank!

Position 2

Another incredibly strong card. This offtank offers a good bonus for the complete team with strong.

Position 3

With Delwyn's buff, the Phantom does 4 magic damage, that's huge! Thanks to Silence and the high hit points he is another good reinforcement in my setup! The Alpha and Beta maps are just huge fun.

Position 4

Another malus, Slow, comes from the Boogeyman. Buffed, he brings it to 3 magic damage, which is also a solid value.

Position 5

And what would the Deathsplinter be without massive debuffs. With the Undead Priest we reduce the life of our opponents by 1, so the chance for quick kills is greater.

Position 6

In the rearmost position, well protected by Fog of War, follows my Witch of Warwick.
Together with Delwyn she has 3 magic damage. With Lifeleech and Bloodlust this can be a funny combination...


The Battle


My opponent has Valnamor, normally an incredibly strong summoner. But my many debuffs counter him very well, it's like the opponent is playing with Silenced Summoner. Something else is noticeable, his team has much less hit points. I think it's clear what will happen... let's keep watching anyway!


Well, that looks like a short round. My plan seems to work out well. The Witch is unstoppable with her double kill anyway and there are still a lot of hit points in front of her.


Even with Rebirth, the opponent can't get through my front line, or it takes way too long. In this case, a melee or ranged setup would probably have been much better, but my opponent couldn't know what I was going to play.






There are a few things to consider with explosive weaponry. In the case of the Alpha/Beta cards, especially that there is no Reflection Shield. So the hit points are especially important. The backline cards need a few turns to be able to do something.
Speed is also important.

There are many factors and I think the rule is one of the most diverse. I hope you enjoyed the fight.

See you soon on the battlefield!

The fight in full length is available here!


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