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The new weekly Share your Battle Challenge has been replaced by the Baggle Mage Secrets Challenge. The new challenge is no longer about a single card, but about a rule for the battles.

I like this very much, so one has more flexibility what one wants to show. Also, it is important for all newcomers to understand the single rules to be able to understand which cards can work well.
This also helps enormously in the guild brawls to achieve better results.

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Description: All units start with the same health, based on the highest health on either team.
Buffs and debuffs are done afterward - this impacts base health.

Equalizer is one of those rules that strongly influence the game. The card selection here is based on another main criterion, namely the amount of hit points. There are different approaches to do this. One approach is to only put cards on the field that have very few hit points, but bring an enormous amount of damage potential. I like this approach the most and always try to play Equalizer this way.

But you can also deliberately put a card with very high hit points on the board and strengthen your own cards with it. Again, it's important that the cards do a lot of damage.
Speed can also be an important factor. And finally, a lot depends on the mana range of the battle and the playable splinters, as well as the other rules.


That's an interesting starting point. No water and no earth, 31 mana. A magic heavy team could be, but I'm counting more on Meele or a ranged lineup.
So in the end, I'll go with Life!




Among the Riftwatchers Summoners, Ilthain is clearly the No. 1. I find the card good and play it often. Especially with the rule explosive weaponry it has proven to be very strong. +1 Speed is also always useful.


The only weakness of the Chaos Knight is its low hit points, thanks to Equalizer this could be compensated here. His other stats speak for themselves...

Position 2

With Reflection Shield, the Bosun is a must for me in this match. It has a bit too much hit points for Equalizer, but the other ability is too important to leave it out.

Position 3

+1 Speed for me and -1 Speed for the opponent makes 2 difference. If there are meele or ranged fighters on the opposing team, they will have a problem. The best way to win a match is to take no damage.

Position 4

High speed, affliction and stun. Good and useful skills. The Runeslinger would counter an Uriel or Grum, or at least make life hard for them.

Position 5

In 5th and my last position, the Harpy follows as a sneak tank. Flying and the speed make her relatively dodgy.


The Battle


Okay, a deathteam with mixed damage. Not exactly my expectation. But still some ranged fighters, at least no Snipe and no Scattershot. Not a bad lineup of my opponent, let's see how that goes


Everything is still open, unfortunately my tank will not make it much longer. But with the Bosun I have a good replacement on the field. A lot depends on whether the two Life Leech cards are gone fast enough. The enemy's ranged fighters are slowly killing themselves.


Some cards are off the field. As can be seen well, Return Fire works slowly but surely. The only thing left for the opponent is the Lifesapper with magic damage. My Timemage will also die soon, but the Harpy will spread fear and terror among the opponents.


At this point, the battle is already decided. The Corsair Bosun has paid off a lot of important damage points with his Reflection Shield and finally dealt a lot of damage himself. The opponent's ranged fighters didn't enjoy Return Fire.


Finally, we have the final blow from the Harpy, GG!


Let's summarize, with Equalzier, cards with high damage potential are important. In the best case, they are classic glass cannons, they benefit the most from the equalization of hit points.
With all the factors, however, it is always important to consider all the other rules of the game. Here for example Explosive Weaponry was more important, I took this into account with the choice of Ilthain and with the Bosun. The strategy was successful.

See you soon on the battlefield!

The fight in full length is available here!


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