CIB: Crypto I Bought #9 - Quant, Steemit, Staking LEO, pHBD-USDC, PolyCUB, SPORTS, Airdrop claims of DUAT, PolyCUB, SPS


Was a down week for stock markets which makes for down week for crypto, altcoins especially. So not a lot of trading going on. Did get hit on selling STEEM - one more tranche to go to end the 6 year journey there.


Portfolio News

Latest update on CUB airdrop - both numbers went up and I did nothing - no more staking and staked goes up = weird. I would expect the airdrop balance to go up


Bitcoin price ended the last week pretty much where it started with only an 8% trough to peak range.



Quant I have a small holding of QNT on Bittrex. I topped that up with $100 worth of BTC received from the sale below. The chart looks like it is bottoming. Technically price has not broken the downtrend as it has not made a higher high - just punting with free BTC.



STEEM I have had a pending order sitting to sell STEEM on Bittrex since I powered down on that side. Price moved past that level on Binance earlier last week but not on Bittrex. The second pump of the week saw my order hit.


I cannot really compute a profit number as most of the STEEM came from blogging activity. I did some time back buy some STEEM with BTC. I can assure you I did not pay the $38,500 equivalent I got on the way back for that tranche. I have 1,000 STEEM left in my wallet that side. I cannot power it up as I do not have enough MANA - so it will be exiting too.


pHBD-USDC A few weeks back, Polycub launched a staking opportunity for Hive Backed Dollars paired with USDC. API's are attractive to draw in liquidity. I had done the first 45 HBD that were in my Hive wallet last week. I started the process of moving HBD I bought on Hive Engine.

Process steps.

  1. Withdraw the SWAP.HBD from Hive-Engine. This is simple enough - hit the withdraw button - yep, that big red one up top


select how many HBD to withdraw and add in your Hive username as the memo.


This creates a transfer to graphene swap - it does not happen instantly like other Hive blockchain transfers. Transaction took 45 minutes to come through. As I look at the transaction history, I am guessing you may be able to set up a transfer to graphene.swap (and avoid the fee)


Then get to staking in the Polycub farm

  1. Wrap HBD to PHBD using Pop in your Polygon address on Metamask. This transfers the HBD onto polygon mainnet. If this is the first time you do this, you will need to import the pHBD token into Metamask - use this address 0x6d969cea201e427d2875724fd4e8044833fbc7f4

  2. When that confirms create the pHBD-USDC LP. This is initiated from Polycub and happens on Sushiswp. Make sure you have some MATIC to pay the gas fees and you are on the Polygon mainnet.


  1. When that confirms you are ready to stake - hit the + button and confirm in Metamask.


  1. Staked at 46.11% APR more than double savings rate on HBD.

LEO Staked next 145 LEO - used PeakD interface this time. It is in the drop down next to the transfer icon


Splinterlands Claimed SPS from Hive


and from in-game.


Staked for 24.35% APR. All of this happens from with Splinterlands


PolyCUB Claimed next airdrop of PolyCUB


and staked at Polycub at 44.06% APR


Sportstalk Discovered I have a large pot of SPORTS which are not staked. The reading I did suggests the token may not be going anywhere but a token is better staked than doing nothing. These SPORTS came from Actifit posts.



Ragnarok Ragnarok changed the details of their game airdrop. They were going to airdrop RCT tokens on The changes were twofold - issuing DUAT tokens and did not use Took some digging to find that out. This article helped

Claimed DUAT tokens in Ragnarok airdrop on this link

It is simple enough - when you get to the page and are logged into your Hive account, there appears a Claim icon in the top bar - where the numbers are.


Tokens are based on snapshot of Hive and HP balances as of January 6, 2022.

logom.png for details of the game - not yet released.

SPK Network Claimed monthly airdrop of LARYNX tokens

Polycub Claimed airdrop of Polycub from Cubdefi staking

Key Links

Polycub Farms For staking pHBD-USDC

Polycub Airdrop From Polycub

Converting HBD Bridge to convert HBD to PHBD is at You need a Polygon mainnet address to do that. Do not use SWAP.HIVE - they must be transferred back to the Hive wallet.

Claim DUAT from Ragnarok Two places this can be done - maybe the best is as this is where the game will live.

Cautions: This is not financial advice. You need to consider your own financial position and take your own advice before you follow any of my ideas

Images: Trade/Stake image is based on royalty free photo under CCO public domain licence from CubFinance logos come from CubDefi media kit. All other images are created using my various trading and charting platforms. They are all my own work

Tickers: Crypto tickers come from TradingView

Charts: - this is a free charting package. I have a Pro subscription to get access to real time forex prices

Trading: Binance offers a wide range of coins to trade, tight spreads and low fees if you use BNB to pay

Kucoin offers a wider range of altcoins than many of the other exchanges. I do like to diversify my holdings in case an exchange gets knocked over. Grab 15% discount on your trades whn you open an account on this link

Tracking: Keeping track of your crypto trades is a whole lot easier with Get 10% off all your account upgrades

April 22-May 2, 2022

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I bought more Polycub. I just holding these but not staked. And got some Cub too. Leo is now one of my biggest holding beside Cub and Polycub, price is low makes a very good buying opportunity. I haven't bought any HOOD yet, perhaps it is not meant to be. Price is so hard to predict, and negative news not that great !


I bought more Polycub today. Two things swinging - the end of the airdrop will swamp the market AND the start of the pHive farm will drive demand. The timing is not a coincidence. I staked some and the rest willl wait for PHIVE.

As for HOOD, watch and wait. Credit spreads is the way to play this as the lows are probably known. The other one you mentioned the other day may well have found its bottom - AMD. I pitched a credit spread before earnings but did not get hit. Tonight I will revisit.