Untamed Booster Pack 14 Airdrops Cards


As mentioned in a recent article, we will be discussing the airdrop benefits of the chaos legion pre-sale on this post.

One major value of the Chaos Legion Pre-sale lies within the expected airdrop cards. Aside from the hyped limited PROMO CARD Dr. Blight, a guaranteed airdrop for every 50 packs purchased from the in-game market, which are expecting to get details soon, there will be 13 more additional airdrop cards for chaos legion pre-sale participants. The limited promo card is hyped to be valuable in future game expansions incliding the land as mentioned in one of the AMA.

To somehow measure the possible worth of the airdrop cards, we will revisit the ones given during the UNTAMED booster packs.

But before going through all the airdrop cards, what are the odds of receiving one? In the previous untamed packs, based from the official articles of splinterland, the odds of receiving the legendary ones is a guaranteed drop for every 450 untamed booster packs purchased. While for the epic & rare ones, varies from 65 to 85 packs purchased for a guaranteed drop. So a 0.222 % drop rate for every pack purchased for the legendaries, and 1.17% to 1.5% drop rate for every pack for the epics and rares.

With chaos legion, the known drop rate is for the limited promo card which is a 2% chance of getting one for every Chaos Legion pre-sale pack purchased. It just make sense to increase the drop rate with the introduction of the vouchers.

"WHY ARE VOUCHERS EXPENSIVE?", is the question of almost all splinterland players now. Vouchers are essentially the value placeholder of the pre-sale benefits. It would not make sense to conduct a pre-sale pack value of a flat $2 with the possible benefits of a hundred to a thousand dollars. But I could be wrong, so let's base it from the previous aidrop cards.

Below are the 14 airdrop cards for untamed booster packs:

Diamond Dragon (Current Value: $100)

Rarity: Legendary


Gloridax Guardian (Current Value: $55)

Rarity: Legendary


Drake of Arnak (Current Value: $11)

Rarity: Rare


Beatrix Ironhand (Current Value: $17)

Rarity: Epic


Goblin Firemage (Current Value: $14)

Rarity: Epic


Lobstradamus (Current Value: $44)

Rarity: Epic


Gorlodon (Current Value: $19)

Rarity: Epic


Hero of Beyond (Current Value: $14)

Rarity: Epic


Legendary Summoners

For every booster pack pre-sales, splinterlands is conducting an event for the top 6 contributors/spenders to design their own legendary summonders, which are also included in the airdrops. Below are the 6 legendary summoners designed by the top 6 purchasers during the untamed booster packs sale. It's exciting to look forward to the new legendary summoners for chaos legion that will be designed by top pre-sale contributors.

Mimosa Nightshade (Current Value: $280)


Yodin Zaku (Current Value: $795)


Chanseus the Great (Current Value: $285)


Lir Deepswimmer (Current Value: $247)


Scarred Llama Mage (Current Value: $600)


Byzantine Kitty (Current Value: $550)


Given that Chaose Legion cards will have half burn rate compared to untamed, the card values are expected to be halved too by standard, but with the consideration of usability, especially the new legendary summoners, it COULD be expected that they will be as valuable.

With all these airdrop values as reference, do you think it is worth participating in the chaos legion pre-sale? Is it worth it to join the crazy voucher buying spree and buy pre-sale packs to participate in the airdrops?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!

P.S. We will discuss and expound the value of the LIMITED PROMO CARD "DR. BLIGHT" in another post.


Thanks for compiling all this info! Finding out about untamed reward cards has been not easy, and having it all in one place (especially the drop %) is super helpful! Now I can at least take an educated guess as to the expected value of airdrops in a voucher.


my pleasure :) pretty excited about the new legendary summoners to be designed by the top contributors


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