Guild brawls, is it worth it?

So it has come up to our guild discussions.
I typed a lot, so I thought I should put my insights here to share to all interested players as well.

Outside of having life outside Splinterlands...

Probably the reason why some of us, even from other guilds are not 100% committed for brawls is due to having not much rewards in it.

Current brawl rewards:

  1. Merits - beneficial for player, this would have an indirect reward of SPS when there still are SPS airdrop, bot now it doesn't do much.
  2. Crowns - only beneficial for guild

Of course, YGGSPL also have GAP rewards, but not all gets it.

It's probably not worth it to rent out cards to win brawls for some players especially for the exotic frays where you really need to rent cards separate from what you use for ranked battles.

Sample: I play diamond league, but I have to play gold fray 11.
You'd think it would be wise to just rent out gold foil cards for diamond league.
Rent prices for Gold Foil max level cards are usually more expensive, even more than double for most cards than their Regular Foil counterpart.

It's even cheaper to rent out another set of gold foil bronze level cards to play for Fray 11.

If you have alt accounts joined in other guilds, you will see how players are not active in brawls.
Luckily, my guild YGG Roosters is still active maintaining our brawl fill rate, even securing top 1-3 spots every brawl.
Thanks to @omarcio for taking care of our brawl fray.

With the upcoming SPS rewards in brawls, it should be addressed.

Upcoming brawl rewards:

  1. Merits - beneficial for player
  2. Crowns - only beneficial for guild
  3. SPS - beneficial for player


Now, it's worth, even for ROI boys, to play brawl since we are getting SPS rewards as well.


We can convert and use that SPS for renting so it's not a loss to try and win brawls by renting the cards we think we need.


As we prepare for upgrading our guild buildings for next tier, slots will be opened for aspiring members.
Leave a comment or join YGGSPL discord if you are interested to join.

As for YGG Roosters specifically, I believe we are ready and can compete in higher tiers.

Staying in lower tiers will give us lower rewards, like how it will be in Bronze and Silver ranked battles.
Especially since there are more players/guilds in lower tiers, reward pools in lower tier will also be shared/distributed to more players.

Overall, my take here is we just have to trust our guild members and don't blame your guildmates if they haven't been so active in guild brawls lately.
I'm sure we all want higher rewards, and they'll get their minds back to brawling.

What are your thoughts? Comments are highly appreciated.