Always between Cross-fire, A martyr: Chaos Agent


Hi Splinterlands Folks,

This is my contribution to the share your weekly Battle. My choosing of the card is Chaos Agent. I really can't win any game with Chaos Knight 😂

Let's check out the Lore in Splinterlands.

Inexplicably conjured from the Chaos plane before the rift was opened, Chaos Agents have been deployed for years in the Splinterlands to sow dissent and fear amongst the people. These infiltrators have an almost demonic appearance that is subtle enough to avoid detection and they keep their form concealed beneath dark cloaks and hoods. They never stay in one place for long, just enough time to whisper their words of rebellion and uncertainty amongst the people before slipping away without trace, leaving no evidence of their plans or existence for people to follow.

As the time neared for the Chaos Gate to open, these spies intensified their efforts to include sabotage and assassination, resulting in the destruction of many prominent figures and buildings throughout the Splinters.

These agents of chaos don’t carry any weapons and weren’t intended as soldiers. Subtle words and targeted destruction are their gifts, and they employ them with precision, carefully choosing their victims to create the most confusion and misdirection possible in preparation for their master’s invasion. They enjoy the speed and agility of assassins, being able to dodge most attacks, usually leaving their attacker in a confused mess and wounded by their own weapons.

Battle Time!

Let's jump into it. I can't wait to see how Chaos Agent be a martyr!

Battle Link

It's a 15 mana cap STANDARD game with everybody's on board.

So, who will win, life sapper or venari, we'll see. Rounds started normally, blinding reflector lost it's shield.

We get the frontman down so next is a fairly weaker sneaker.

Ah, the game is already finished, Venari will absurdly try to heal and take it right to the end but I don't want to torture you :)

Finished with no rewards, I know I'm so low right now, we're getting crushed by the bots usually!

So why this setting, let's dive into it:

Drake of Arnak

I like the extra coverage and I used it! I thought I have some dragon cards there to add but there were none. Also I like the golden color in the match :)

Cursed Windeku

He is deadly, even with or without Thaddius.

Chaos Agent

He will put himself between the frontier and the backline and take the fire!

Life Sapper

I'm expecting a win because of this card, low mana matches are so good for it! I didn't realize he's a he though :)

Carrion Shade

And a flying unit for the back to protect us from sneak!

As I said Life Sapper was so good in this, and I don't really get enough mentioning the Windeku. But I think Chaos Agent was the martyr here that saved the day!

See you later everyone!

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