Diving into Abilities #01 Affliction



Hello fellow Splinterlands Players! I'm here to talk about Splinterlands abilities. There are 64 abilities out there. And our ability to discuss today is Affliction.


Enemy monster will lose the ability to Heal if hit by a monster having affliction ability. (Tank heal ability won't work either) There's a 50% chance of afflicting the enemy. Also Summoner Mimosa Nightshade gives this ability to every friendly monster at the start of a battle!

Affliction can be very useful when you believe that your opponent will be using heal. For example, 17 mana is a frequent target for the Scared Llama and Kron the Undying Combo. Affliction can dramatically weaken this combo.

Cleanse can remove this De-buff. Higher Speed can also help by making the monster with affliction ability miss.

There are 16 monsters that have this ability. Monsters that have this ability are:

Fire Splinter

Water Splinter

Earth Splinter

Life Splinter

Death Splinter

Dragon Splinter

Neutral Splinter

I hope you got a little bit better understanding of the game. I'm glad if I helped a little bit.

See you later everyone!

Go Play Splinterlands!


I don't use Affliction Ability much but I like it when using it. Before Chaos Legion came here, UNDEAD ARCHER was a staple part of my Death team, now I'm using another team for Death Splinter...


I think it'll be a good idea to put the names of the cards in text along with their images, (or put the name in the image's label instead of the file name of that image: ! [ - -here- - ] ()