Diving into Abilities #06 Bloodlust


Hello fellow Splinterlands Players!

I'm here to talk about Splinterlands abilities. There are 64 abilities out there. And our ability to discuss today is Bloodlust.

The definition of the ability is

Every time it defeats an opponent, it gets +1 to all stats
In the Reverse Speed ruleset, -1 to Speed

So, that means the final blow and you get +1 to all stats. That's a very OP power! There are 37 monsters that have this ability. 36 of them are Gladius Crads. One of them is surprisingly a new airdrop card introduced recently. Grum Flameblade

Monsters that have this ability are:

Fire Splinter

2 mana, 2 attack, sneak and 3 speed. That card will be nerfed soon :D


Another overpowered crazy card. Like her flame hair!

Water Splinter

Blast is very serious! Need to have it asap!

Earth Splinter

Quora is a very hard to beat character! If you have her rest is easy!

Seems so hot, like Queen Mycelia!

Life Splinter

Good alternative to normal snipers.

Both second and first place, deadly.

Wow, low mana and high health!

Death Splinter

Nice sniper, so much for a common card!

Is this the easiest name on Splinterlands :)

So strong damagewise and speed, and curse is extra!

How on earth a card like this exist! OP

Dragon Splinter

Double magic attack is so OP!

Neutral Splinter

Well, not much to say, run!

P.S. I used the new gif divider used in chaos lore, I like it too much.

I hope you got a little bit better understanding of the game. I'm glad if I helped a little bit.

See you later everyone!

Go Play Splinterlands!


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