Dragon Mayhem with Brighton Bloom


This is my first time participating in the "Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge". I'm very excited :) So let's start with talking about my dragon summoners and deck.

I sometimes rent Camila Sungazer but in this new CL Meta I stopped doing that in order to understand the basics better. ANd also right now it's nearly EOS and I don't rent new cards for fun.

Let's see what we have on our Dragon deck. Not much I must say!


But the real point is that I wanted Brighton Bloom in the first place to use it with other splinters. The match I'm sharing doesn't contain any Dragon Monsters but Brighton Bloom is the perfect summoner I always try to use.

So here is the match. It was a Fog of War + Rise of the Commons ruleset. So I don't have the option of using Djinn Chwala this time. So I decided to use Living Lava + Serpentine Spy + Furious Chicken + Creeping Ooze

I choose to put Furious Chicken in the front. I might have also put Ooze behind but I wanted the Slow effect of Ooze kept throughout the match.

My rival was very frightening because I didn't have any ranged or magic.

Here is the link for the battle

So the match has gone with me a little bit lucky with the help of Brighton Bloom to evade some vital attacks. Because of me knowing the rival now I wanted to say I should have put a ranged or magic behind the Living Lava, but it was still a win.

I have other cards that I sometimes rent in order to play brawls etc. Here are them:

Byzantine Kitty and Dragon Jumper are a little bit pricy but still good to have, some guaranteed wins are certain!


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