Share your Battle Weekly : Giant Roc

This week Share your Battle Weekly guest is the Giant Roc.

From far away, a Roc may be mistaken for a normal bird, but once it comes closer its true size can be appreciated. These massive birds never stray from the Burning Lands, most likely due to the warm ground and favorable nesting conditions of the uninhabitable wasteland of The Unknown.


The card can be an alpha or beta and it's useful.


The prices are pretty low right now.

An alpha Roc is $7.8
An Alpha GF Roc is $232.87
A beta Roc is $1.6
A beta GF Roc is $39.68

You can see the difference between an alpha and beta card!

Because I don't have a Roc I'll share a random Roc match.

Here's a fair diamond league match with no CL: Malric to Malric!
Battle link
So the team with the birds won, I guess that says something :)

That's all for this week, take care everyone!

Now go and spread the love of Splinterlands!