Share your Weekly Battle Deeplurker

Hi Splinterlands Folks,

This is my contribution to the share your weekly Battle. Our theme is Deeplurker. It's a very strong water deck common nowadays, it's a must!

Let's check out the Lore in Splinterlands.

Terrifying to behold, Deeplurkers are a poisonous fish that dwell at the bottom of the ocean and prey on the weak. However, they are known to travel to the surface in times of dire need. Many believe that they are sensitive to the balance of elemental water magic and, when that balance is in danger, the Deeplurkers rise to attack or defend it.

The Kulu Swimhunters swam just below the surface of the water, following the Praetorian fishing vessel. When it lowered its sails and came to a halt, they would strike.

Movement from the depths below caught the eye of one Swimhunter. He turned his tentacled head to peer down. Something large rose toward them. Before he could call out a warning, a massive Deeplurker swam into their midst in a churn of frothing water.

Its grotesque tongue lolled as the enormous fish seized the smallest Swimhunter by the waist, teeth tearing into rubbery flesh. Another churn of water, and the Deeplurker descended into darkness with its prey.

The remaining Kulu Swimhunters scattered, fleeing in all directions, and the Praetorian fishing vessel sailed on, blissfully unaware of how close its crew had come to their demise.

Battle Time!

Let's jump into it. I can't wait to see how Deeplurker kicks some ass out there!


Battle Link

This is a 20 mana taking sides match in which you may not use neutral monsters and a Fire splinter is forbidden too.

At the end of round 1 I already took out Carrion shade and Cursed Slimeball. But, they are baits, they have planted there in order to gain some time for the backside sneakers etc take my soldiers out. Let's see about that ;)

Riftwing getting stronger every step and I lost my Ice pixie to sneakers. Not good, hope for some landslide!

But at the same time the soldiers behind Riftwing taken out by my very dear Deeplurker. Wooot!

A short but dangerous round, If I loose Deeplurker it will be the end!

Ok, that last scavenging is not good for Riftwing, it's the beginning of the end!

This will take some time :) But yeah, you know the drill!

So there is an end to it's evasive manouvers, Deeplurker finished it at last!

So why this setting, let's dive into it:

Kelya Frendul

Very solid water deck, most pricey common CL summoner, what can you say!


It was the frontier of low mana cap Alric deck, 1 mana flying card, awesome! Now it works in other places too :)

Hardy Stonefish

I don't get the illustration but neither is your enemy :) Nice stats for 1 mana. Bait!

Cruel Sethropod

Another frontline bait, strong one and cool!

Angelic Mandarin

Though ranged blue and neutral Kermit!


Hero of the day, there will be blood!

Ice Pixie

Flying backside Deeplurker protection and a little bit of magic!

Yeah, the match was long but my rivals fate was already death. I really enjoy the water deck with frendul+DL+DiemonS+FlySquid. It's basic and efficient! But usually Deeplurker is the key. Thanks to @splinterlands for this OP character!

See you later everyone!

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