Interesting Animal Facts


Have you ever watched the discovery channel? Tons of animals are violent.
Recommend this talk on the subject.

Humans are still just as violent as chimps when it comes to organized violence, but we are substantially less violent when it comes to spontaneous violence.

As for abundance, there was never anything resembling abundance until just a few hundred years ago.
Go back just a few generations and everyone was broke.
Go back even more generations and everyone was even more broke.
In terms of objective measures like life expectancy, calories consumed per day, infant mortality, etc.
Abundance is a new phenomenon.

In terms of war, it's ants you want to look at. They are savages that have so many similarities to humans.

While my education is primarily in human behavioural psychology and sociology, much of it used animal human comparison. Some of the animal studies we learnt about leave you with PTSD and many were super interesting, such as.. Humans don't have natural "maternal competence". It's a learnt behaviour passed down over millions of years.

If a human is separated at birth from other humans, then reintroduced at a later stage and has a child, that child will die from prenatal neglect. This was concluded from studies on primates in a controlled environment, then cross referenced with known cases with humans.

Psychology is a very depressing subject to learn. But this is a good read about ants and war, especially if you read the linked PDF contained within. We are ants. lol