Four rare monster from life and fire splinter in today's quest. Amazing splintertalk


Hello beautiful splinterlands gaming world!
In this video I have talked about my strategy, plan today's quest that I completed with earth splinter along with some usual talk taking this gaming platform. It is four day and 14 hour to go to finish this season. My strategy was clear taking this season. I decided to play battle quest till mid of the season after that there was plan to skip for diamond League. I did exactly that, skipped for Diamond League 2 days ago. Remember that increasing price of DEC token and getting DEC token after winning battle is pretty good that is why there is competition high and every person want to use his energy crystal till it's restriction. This is the main factor that leaderboard became very tough. Instead of focusing leaderboard I am focusing to get more loot chest from quest as well as ending season. Today morning I get ten loots chest when I finished today's quest with Earth splinter. When I rebuild the card then I was surprised to see four rare monster in the form of Efreet elder and Temple priest. Two rare from life splinter and two from fire splinter. Today I suddenly noticed on rent card. Surely it is pretty good option. Looking for one legendary summoner to have as rent at least till the end of the season.
What's your opinion and plan taking this season. Please come on in comment box.
Have a great day.

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