Pretty good earning,58 SPS, one Chaos Legion pack daily from play2earn splinterlands.


Hi beautiful world!
Hope life has been going good for you.
Yesterday evening I was calculating my SPS earning that I am getting from splinterlands on the basis of SPS staking, card holding and DEC holding. Eight SPS from APR, 5k SPS staking and 47 SPS from DEC and card holding.. when I checked my I card value from splinterlands discord SM-voter then it was $30015.
As far as concerned about CHAOS legion then each day I get one voucher and I buy it by SPS token to get 10% discount. This time I have three Chaos Legion pack in my open wallet and hope in coming 34 days there will be more 34 CL pack. Really it will be fantastic when I will open these CL packs. Recently I bought two Epic monster worth $100 each level-4. Finally I would like to say thank you splinterlands.
Thanks for being here..
Have a great day..

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