I am satisfied with my League and rating, ready to claim 50 loot chest. Splinterlands talk


Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a great day ahead..
In this video I have talked about splinterlands season that going to end within few hours. I already unlocked My maximum League. Morning quest teasing me alot. I played almost 15 battle, lost ten battle and it is because there is hurry to complete the quest. Earth splinter is my weakest side and I have to complete morning quest with Earth splinter. Till now I able to won only 3 battle that made me upset because of reducing rating.
Anyway this is the part of game and we should enjoy every moment of it. From 8 o'clock to 3 o'clock I will be busy after that I will make more effort to unlock diamond League first. I wanted to rent legendary Earth splinter but today its price is almost triple. Surely I will change my strategy and plan. I will continue battling with strong summoner and when I will get weak opponent then I will try with earth splinter. Recently I noticed that there is some reward card revealing in quest chest. Hoping that in season loots chest there will be more card. Two battle of quest is remaining, definitely I would like to buy quest potion, so that I can add five more loots chest.
Hope you are also waiting the moment when the season will end..
Have a nice day

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