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For a very long time, I was thinking of sharing my social media challenge with forcefield ability. Fortunately I got an appropriate battle to share here. There are 8 monsters from various editions having forcefield ability and out of them I have all.

Most of the time I use 5 Monsters and the rest of them I hardly use them. Mostly I use these monsters in the "what doesn't kill you" battle ruleset that is known as Enrage.
Sometimes I get the opposite result by using forcefield ability. Actually the battle I was scared of was a Rebirth rule set battle and I was using the martyr ability Monsters against a forcefield monster. I got 5 magic attacks and was hitting just a single damage. I was thinking that I could lose the battle but the rest of the monsters helped to get rid of them.


Till now there are only 8 Monsters with force field ability. The surprising thing is that we do not get force field ability from these monsters in the initial level. To get this ability we have to combine them. Maximum force field Monsters belong to legendary, One Epic, one rare and two common monsters. You will be surprised that we get four cards from **Chaos Legion** Edition. Two Monsters from **Riftwatcher** edition, One Monster` Arkemis the Bear` is a promo monster and one Monster `Djinn Oshannus `is a reward monster.


From this Edition we get four Monsters including Ifrit Rising,Prismologist,Djinn Muirat and Mycelium Slipspawn.
I am going to talk a short description about these cards one by one.

This is a 8 Mana Epic range monster. We get three range attacks, two speed, two armor and four health in the initial level. If someone wants to take advantage of the force field, then they have to combine it into level 4.
Ifrit Rising
This is a recharge ability magic Monster from the fire unit. This is a 8 Mana legendary monster with 2 magic attacks, three speed and 7 health in initial level. At Max level we get force field ability.
Djinn Muirat
This is another legendary Void Armor ability monster from Death unit. It is a 9 Manav monster with two magic speed, two magic attack, 4 armor and 7 health.
This Monster comes with so many abilities but we get force field ability at Max level.
Mycelium Slip Spawn
This is the monster that I mostly use with the combination of Obsidian. It is also a 9 monster with Taunt, slow and Forcefield ability. We get two magic Attack 2 speed 10 health in the initial level.


From this Edition we get just two monsters with force field ability. One is a Taunt Monster while the second one is a Headwinds ability monster.

Runemancer Atuat
This is a legendary Monster from Life unit. This is also 9 Mana monsters with two magic attacks and single speed. I like this Monster because of its Headwinds ability. We get special abilities Last Stand and For Speed from this legendary monster.

Night Ghoul

This is a common Death unit monster with pretty good armor and health. This Monster comes with 6 Melee attack three speed, 6 armor and 11 health. We get force field ability at level 5.


We get just a single card from Promo and a single card from Reward Edition.

Djinn Oshannus
This is a really very effective legendary monster at a low price. Can anyone think that we can get Void and force field at level 3 from a legendary. This is an 8 manam monster with a pretty good five speed two magic attack and 10 health in the initial level. This is a legendary card from the water unit.

Arkemis the Bear
It is my other favorite card that I mostly use. It is a 12 Mana common Monster from neutral units. I like this Monster because of its Protect and Halfling ability. At initial level we get two armor, 3 Melee attacks, 2 speed and Ten Health.



It was a fantastic battle that I played against a strong opponent team using a field ability monster who does not kill your rule set. The bad luck was that it was the Rebirth battle rule set and I was using A Martyr ability monster before Forcefield ability monster Djinn Oshannus. With 3 damage of Martyr Markstrat Djinn, Oshannus gained 5 magic attacks.

It was my Misfortune that in front of my Djinn Oshanius there was another forcefield ability Monster from the opponent 's side.
Protecting the opposition team from Kelya Frendul was irritating me a lot. My opposition team was using a Rust ability monster so my team was without protection.
Till 7 rounds I lost my 4 Monsters while my opposition team got just a single damage.
You can easily understand what will be the situation of my team.
I was thinking that I am going to lose this battle with ease.
Suddenly enrages applied to Djinn Oshannus and increased its health into 12. Till now anyways was not applied to the attacking card of the opposition team that's why they were continuously missing their target again and again.
When enrages applied, they were in front of my force field ability Monster Djinn Oshannus.
They are damaging just a single health while my legendary car destroys five health with each attack. You will see that it was a 14 round battle in which my opposition team was dominating till the 9th round. After that they lost control and lost the battle.

No doubt it was an interesting battle in which my team dominated at the last moment due to the force field and Who Doesn't kill you ruleset. Till 7th round there were two cards remaining from my side while 6 cards remaining from the opponent 's side but when I finished the battle then also two cards remained from my side and my opponent team got totally damaged.

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