Splinterlands Diary: All Earth Deck Needs A Wood Nymph

What daily quest do you dislike the most?

For me, it's the Earth Quest. I could do Fire, Water, Light, Death, Dragon, and even Neutral Quest without much trouble.

The Earth Quest though... is another story altogether.

Every time I got the Earth Quest, I would switch it to another quest after battling using the earth deck a few times. Why? It's because I suck at using the earth splinter deck.

Yes, I'm terrible at using the earth deck, and would almost always lose when using it in battle. Sure some of you might scoff at me for hating on the earth deck. But if you've experience what I did when I first started where I kept losing to the point of frustration you might just change your mind.

Of course things would have been very different if I have Mylor Crowley but since I don't have him and renting him at the current market price is just not profitable, I simply didn't bother.



But today I decided to challenge myself and for once, not run away from an Earth Quest. And the result spoke for itself.

Of course, I didn't do it with just the starter deck. I did it with the help of my newly rented cards: Wood Nymph and Centauri Mage.

Actually, Centauri Mage didn't help much, or rather, was of no help at all since I lost every battle she was in. It wasn't her fault really -- the timing just wasn't good since I kinda force her into battles with low mana cap. For a card that requires high mana, low mana cap battle won't be able to show her true value.

Anyways, the card that helped me complete the Earth Quest that I despises the most was Wood Nymph -- and her healing ability.

By including her in my line up, she was able to heal the front line tank (Unicorn Mustang and Failed Summoner) which was the key to most of my win using the earth deck.

Yes, this one card alone has greatly increased my winning percentage when using the earth deck. To me she's like the Venari Wavesmith of the wood deck -- incredibly useful and versatile.

This made me realize one thing -- she was not included in the starter deck because her presence would make the earth deck too overpowered in the lower league, especially in the Bronze League. And even in the higher league, I think she would still be able to find some use once leveled up and paired with a good summoner.

After experiencing the power of Wood Nymph, I came to a realization: All earth deck needs a Wood Nymph.

Thanks for reading.

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