How Much I Have Made in Splinterlands in ONE Month!


sps aidrop.PNG

I have earned SPS, DEC, Credits, Collection Power, SPT, HIVE, HIVE DOLLARS, PIZZA, WAIV, BATTLE, LEO, POB, ONEUP, and most recently, Vouchers. The graph above shows how I have slowly been increasing the amount of SPS I earn on a daily basis. I am almost to the point where I earn .5 SPS a day which is really exciting and I can not wait until I am getting a whole SPS every single day.

So far, I have invested somewhere around 70 dollars into the game. Ten of it went to the initial purchase of the spellbook, I spent fifty dollars on credits to purchase more cards, and I got 1000 DEC a month ago that I am unsure of how much it cost. The amount I have gotten in return is much larger than that and continues to grow on a daily basis.

I currently have

  • 18.362 SPS
  • 1429 DEC
  • 1500 Collection Power
  • 1520 SPT
  • 7.208 HIVE
  • 0.897 HIVE DOLLARS
  • 0.1 PIZZA
  • 10 WAIV
  • 8.24 BATTLE
  • 0.016 LEO
  • 0.022 POB
  • 15.712 ONEUP

My Splinterlands collection power of 1500 is worth a grand total of $104.09 which is already well above the amount I have invested into the game! Between the card collection and all of these tokens that I am earning my total account value adds to $157.70 (This is just the SPS, DEC, Cards, SPT, HIVE, and HIVE DOLLARS). I have doubled my initial investment and then some just by playing Splinterlands everyday and blogging about it!

Moving forward, I want to continue to play and blog about Splinterlands to see how much I can earn. An area that I know I can earn more on is curation. I tend to forget to find posts to like everyday or the posts that I do like do not payout very well to people with a small amount of SPT staked. That being said, I am going to attempt a new strategy with curation. The strategy is not curating myself, but delegating my staked SPT to @monster-curator and see what kind of return I get compared to what I am getting on my own.

I have seen a few people that tried to delegate their SPT to various different accounts and made some pretty big mistakes so I will cover the basics here.


You want to take your liquid SPT and stake it to yourself. Let me repeat that again, stake it to YOURSELF. If you stake your SPT to another account it is now theirs as far as I know!

Once you have your SPT staked, then it is time to delegate the SPT POWER out.


Here is where you can delegate your SPT to another account and it is simply delegated to that account instead of being staked to the account and out of your hands.

To begin my delegation to Monster Curator, I am starting off with 100 SPT just to test it out and see what they are all about. The real question here is how does this delegation affect my airdrop points. I currently have 1520 SPT which is good for 380 airdrop points and I am curious if delegating the SPT that I am will lower my airdrop points from SPT to 355 from 380. I am also curious how much 100 SPT delegated earns me everyday in curation rewards. If you would like to know these things, make sure to follow me so that you can see the results!


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