Rent to Own Owster Rotwell: Day 2


Another day, another dollar. I am continuing to work on buying my own Owster while I rent one in the mean time.

Amount Earned

My first day of renting Owster I made 139 DEC and after my rental fees I netted myself 127 DEC. Getting that absolutely tanked my ECR so on the second day my earnings dropped down to 58.947 DEC. The positive here is that my renting fees are already out of the way so all of that DEC goes directly towards my own Owster. On top of that, I received another .012 Vouchers that I put on Hive Engine where I will eventually buy myself some DEC.


Using Owster is working out great for me as it is netting me a lot of wins that would otherwise be a struggle. For example this battle is an evens only battle where I would have probably been forced into a tie if I did not have Owster to play.

The most important strategy for using Owster is to make sure you have a nice beefy tank with lots of damage in the back to pick off the enemy monsters one by one.


Getting this done in ten days seems like a bit off a stretch at this point, but I do have the boost at the end coming from the SWAP.HIVE I am accruing from the vouchers that I am selling. As always, if you want to support me in this journey, feel free to follow me!


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