Splinterlands Daily Quest Log: Day 19


day 19 cover.PNG

Today my daily quest was to get five wins with the fire splinter and I was super excited for this one! I knew it was going to be a tremendous struggle as I have not purchased any good fire splinter cards and I had just rented the power to bump myself into the silver leagues for the end of the season. This quest took me a long time to complete but that is fine as I will have improved chests and more of them!

My wins were as

Win 1: Fire Splinter vs Fire Splinter
Win 2: Fire Splinter vs Fire Splinter
Win 3: Fire Splinter vs Fire Splinter
Win 4: Fire Splinter vs Life Splinter
Win 5: Fire Splinter vs Life Splinter

Today, I got two chests from my daily which was exciting. It was also a pretty good day as far as rewards go. I got a potion and another rare card that I have not owned previously! This card is Naga Assassin. At it's base level, it is not super impressive but once it hits level four it gets the backfire and increased health which is great. If you get the card to max level it improves even further boosting the speed making it harder to hit which triggers the backfire more!

day 19.PNG

I will be back later today to share my end of season rewards. Hopefully, they are worth writing home about! If you want to follow the series here is the link to my daily quest log from yesterday. https://www.splintertalk.io/@champster101/splinterlands-daily-quest-log-day-18


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