Splinterlands Daily Data - [9/1/2022]

Hello Everyone,

This data is gathered both from the blockchain and from Splinterlands API.
For more details and reports check out the data collection website here.

Now on to the Data.

First lets look at the Player Leaderboard.
Who has earned the most value from their chests?

Congratulations! @niklomba

You are top of the leaderboard with a total value of $337.59 across 24 Diamond chests


Here is what chest rewards look like over time (potions excluded)


Note the average chest value per league above.

Lastly lets break down what those chests contained.


No updates to reports today, but I did make the program a little faster.
Battle rewards data is still behind (not reports yet) but it is rapidly catching up :)
Also moving forward I can tell the difference between a season chest and a daily chest.

All data will always be publicly available for free
Comment below with questions or suggestions.

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