32 DEC To Kick Of The Season

Not a lot but hey, DEC is DEC. So I just did 2 Gold chests and got two DEC rewards. I'm alright with the rewards but I did get knocked back to Silver yesterday in the process and that means Silver chests for tomorrow's rewards. The upside is that it should be easier to earn more chests.

Today is the Healing quest so Kron and a few of the other healers will be in focus. Should be using the Earth splinter mostly or the Life splinter as that's where the best healers are. Water has some decent healers too.

Hope to make at least 5 chests but it could be less if I don't get the playing time in. Sea Monster is another good card to have that I don't use much these days. Back in the Alpha and Beta days, it was a beast but its effectiveness has slowly come down with better tanks.