Captain Katie To The Rescue

The Snipe ability is really deadly when you pair it with the Explosion ability because you do damage to 3 monsters instead of 1. And when you pair it Bloodlust, it becomes even more crazy.

Captain Katie


Captain Katie is probably my second favorite Gladiator card so far, after Quora Towershead. 3 magic damage coupled with snipe is pretty deadly as it allows you to bypass tanks unless they have the taunt ability.

The only downside is that she doesn't gain much ability as you combine cards and level her up. Probably the maximum upside is at level 4 when she gains 4 magic damage.

Snipe + Explosion + Bloodlust


In this battle, Captain Katie's bloodlust combined with the Explosion effect of the ruleset combine beautifully. The increase in stats after every opponent is vanquished makes her very powerful after each round.

Another beneficiary is the Vulguine which gains from every dead opponent with its Scavenge ability. It creates a bigger buffer each round for the explosion to get through.


In just two rounds, you can see that Captain Katie's magic damage has increased from 3 to 8 along with a massive increase in her shield and speed. The Vulguine's health has also gone up from 2 to 6. Last but not least, the Xenith Monk finishes off where he started, which is pretty decent.

You can watch the entire battle here at this link:

Final Thoughts on Captain Katie

Captain Katie is probably my favorite card in a Explosion ruleset if the mana cap and splinter allows for it. While she isn't the fastest at the start, if she can survive at least one round and take out an opponent, she becomes very deadly.

Hope you enjoyed battling with Captain Katie and if you aren't already playing Splinterlands, do check it out here: I'm still learning new things about the game even after more than 3 years.