Quora Towershead Is A Force Of Nature


One of the new aspects of battling in Splinterlands has been allowing the Gladiator cards to be used in ordinary ranked battles. This has opened up a who new game dynamic because the Gladiator cards all come with the 'Bloodlust' ability. Pairing the Bloodlust ability with some rulesets can lead to very interesting outcomes.

Quora Towershead


Probably my favorite Gladiator card so far has been Quora Towershead. She is admittedly quite mana expensive, but she brings with her 2 melee attack, 2 magic attack, self-heal and bloodlust. Quite worth the mana if you ask me.

Gladiator cards can't be bought and sold on the market at the moment so the only way to get them is to join a guild and buy them via the Guild store with merits.

One Woman Wrecking Ball


I still remember when Djinn Oshannus was the king of the pack and if you had one along with a Kraken, it would be hard to beat in almost any ruleset. How times have changed.

In this battle, Quora Towershead's bloodlust combined with the Martyr effect of the Fungus Flinger and Venari Markscrat combine beautifully. Her self-heal and high health are also beneficial.

Equally important is the ruleset, that gives every card the resurrect ability. Like i mentioned in a previous post, when you resurrect a martyr, you get the boost when it dies for a second time as well. Similarly, you get the bloodlust stats boost when you kill your opponent a second time as well.


By the time my opponent was down to their last card, Quora had 14 in her magic attack, melee attack and speed. That's almost a 7x increase from the beginning. Very hard to beat.

You can watch the entire battle here: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_fcf7decc4a912013d77f50a6363cb85c&ref=charcoalbuffet

Final Thoughts On Quora

Quora is not invincible, i've lost a couple of battles with her in the team. But having said that, when the right ruleset comes along, she can be absolutely unbeatable. If you haven't joined a guild yet, you're missing out on some powerful cards.

Hope you enjoyed battling with Quora and if you aren't already playing Splinterlands, do check it out here: https://splinterlands.com?ref=charcoalbuffet. The game's always evolving even after so many years.