Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge! Elven Cutthroat!


This week's Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge is focusing on one of the early neutral monsters from the Beta pack era, the Elven Cutthroat.

The Elven Cutthroat isn't the most powerful but it can be buffed to become a little less feeble and become more useful in battle.

Theme of the Week: Elven Cutthroat


In the battle below, I show how by using the Elven Cutthroat in combination with Tyrus Paladium's shield buff and the Silvershield knight's Inspire ability can make the Elven Cutthroat quite deadly.

The Rules and My Set-Up

Reverse Speed | Close Range
99 Mana Cap


Summoner: Tyrus Paladium (For the shield boost)
Position 1: Kralus - Not the slowest but he's my best Life monster.
Position 2: Luminous Eagle - With its flying ability, I felt it would be useful against range attacks
Position 3: Silvershield Knight - For its Inspire ability to give a +1 melee attack boost to all my monsters.
Position 4: Silvershield Assassin - Deadly attack to the enemy's rear guard, especially in combination with the Silvershield Knight.
Position 5: Elven Cutthroat - Further attacking the opponent's rear.
Position 6: High Priest Darius - 3 magic attack and resurrect ability .

Did my strategy work?

Better than I expected when I saw my opponent's lineup. The concentrated attack to my opponent's rearguard was important in sealing the victory and the Elven Cutthroat played a big part. See the full battle here.

Round 1: Opponent is on the back foot because his Vigilator misses Kralus with a couple of attacks and his shieldbearer has taken serious damage.
Round 2: Opponent's Vigilator and shieldbearer are taken out in this round.
Round 3: My Kralus is killed but resurrected by High Priest Darius.
Round 4: Opponent is in a bad position as the Elven Cutthroat and Silvershield Assasin pick off his Cornealus at the back.
Round 5: Opponent is only left with Bila the Radiant while I still have 4 monsters left. Just a matter of time now.
Round 6: Elven Cutthroat puts the killer touch and finishes off my opponent.

Would I do anything differently?

It is hard to predict what my opponent would do with this sort of rule set but I had the right mix of cards, I think. Perhaps I would have gone with a bit more magic damage monsters to get past his shield.

Also, I got lucky with my opponent's use of the Diamond Dragon in the 'Slow' ruleset.

My Thoughts on the Elven Cutthroat

The Elven Cutthroat is quite weak at level 1 and to be fair, even when you level it up, it isn't very strong relative to other card options out there. While it is reasonably fast, its health, attack and shield are lacking.

But its sneak ability can be quite useful especially if you pair it with another rear attacking card to concentrate the damage at the back. So, by buffing it with a shield and increasing its melee damage, it can actually be made into quite a powerful card.