Todays daily chest "almost made me a maroon:


Hello, im ChefBgob.Im a guildleader of a game called splinterlands. And im a family member in the Pizza community here on the Hive. Our discord here ( ) has activities and events to celebrate the love of the slice!

One fun thing we do is we show our daily chests we win in Splinterlands. We do this to celebrate the growning in strength we are becoming. Plus it tightens morale, what a great feeling we share to each other as we leaving comments and emoicons to the poster saying positive and/or silly things.

Well today i wanna do it cuz of the card i got.
Yes.. this loveable guy..
I got to say mad props for making me have a nostalgia bomb. Yup its Wil E. Coyote from the old Warner Bros Looney Tunes. I loved watching him, thanks! He made me laugh and root for him so sadly.. knowing he just going to fail to capture that road runner.

Hey, bonus points if you figured out the title, heheh.