dCity Update: Fasten your seat belt, for this $25k mega giveaway! Join SIM club!


Hello 👋 all gamers!
If you are interested in blockchain gaming, here is good news for you. There is an announcement from dCity about mega giveaway and date of starting will be announced officially soon from @dcitygame account.

This giveaway is so easy that there is no need to lock/stack any token, you just have to buy and keep dCity game token, Only condition to get eligible for this giveaway is to join SIM club.

What is SIM club?

It is a group of players who hold 1M SIM power. SIM power is a 30 days average of SIM you are holding in your hive-engine wallet. If you buy 1M today, then after 30 days you will be eligible to become a SIM club member. But if you buy 2M SIM, then this time period will be reduced to 15 days and so on.

How much is the investment to participate in this giveaway?

Buying 1M SIM is the minimum requirement. Currently, in the internal market of the game you can swap 1M SIM for about 500 Hive, i.e. about $310. Important thing is that this investment is liquid, and you can withdraw it any time. But if you will buy today then after 30 days you will be able to join the club and if giveaway starts before that you will miss some days of giveaway.

What is in the giveaway?

This giveaway includes 15 splinterlands cards, 30DG Hoodies as eth nfts, 1250 CHAOS packs and 2bcx gold zaku card on the 100th day! In the table below you can see the complete details.

Below in the table, you can see the current market value of the cards that will be distributed in this give away.

What are the chances to win these cards?

Chances are very high as there are less than 100 SIM club members right now. Out of total 1T supply of SIM till now only 414M is in circulation and total SIM power with players is about 314M. If new player will join and invest to get eligible for giveaway, the price of SIM will definitely go up!

Other benefits of holding SIM

Currently, there is about 40-50% APR for just holding SIM power, distributed daily in Hive token. So in the worst case scenario if you are unable to win any giveaway your SIM power will earn this APR on liquid investment, isn't it lucrative enough?

Are you still thinking??

If you are still not in the game, just join and lets' play!! 🏤🏦🏟️